Schools of democracy

How do you think the concept of Student Cabinet in schools will fare?

The government introduced Student Cabinets through elections from class VI to X in 1,043 schools across the country earlier this month with a cabinet like structure comprising of chief and seven ministers from among students to engage them into democratic practices. New Age Youth asked members of the young generation about what they think of this concept.



004Monirul Islam Mitul (19)
HSC Graduate
Dhaka Residential Model College

I think the government has taken a fruitful decision by introducing student cabinet through election in classrooms. Our present political leaders and their ruling styles are one of the scariest examples. So if we want to notice a better democratic atmosphere in our country in near future, we have to groom our students with moral values, capability, sincerity, discipline and character.



005MD Adnan (21)
Law student
International Islamic University Chittagong

The government implemented this system in schools to inculcate democratic values among students from an early age but the question is whether schools would have any subject or lesson in those classes to impart them with the primary idea about democracy. The concept may be best suited for classes IX and X students.



006Mijan Rahman (20)
Student, Department of English
North East University Bangladesh, Sylhet

How can we say that it is good when there is no sign of democracy even among those who are introducing it? First of all the government should ensure democratic right of mass people.



007Irfan Ahmed (22)
Student, Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery
East-West Medical College, Dhaka

Good way to teach young generation about democracy. Engaging with political activities from school days can grow interest and concern for national issues among students. I support the concept and hope this will end the current violent nature of student politics and introduce a new era of young, innovative and dutiful politicians in country.



008Zillur Rahman (21)
Student, Department of English
North East University Bangladesh

It is a good concept to teach democracy to our new generation. Our teenagers can learn how to lead a nation as well as they could learn about their rights. However government must keep them away from the existing vices of politics.


009Kawsar Farhad (22)
Graduate, Electrical and Electronic Engineer
Khulna University of Engineering & Technology

Students will acquire leadership excellence from the very beginning of their student life through this approach. I expect this new policy will act as a beacon of salvation for us. I hope for a new generation of educated leaders for our country’s future who would and eradicate the curse of corruption and venality.


010Ahsan Tohel (27)
Faculty, Department of English
Leading University, Sylhet

Student engagement in governance and democratic decisions is an idea worth spreading. Again, the installment of the government proposed system might prove unnecessarily bothersome in the academic activities of students, where they should concentrate most on studies.


011Mehedi Hasan (19)
Student, Department Of Economics
Jahangirnagar University

Given how student wings of mainstream parties function, it is hard to believe that they would not interfere. If we can ensure fair elections to choose young leaders and keep them aware of the bad sides of politics only then this concept will do some good. Otherwise it will harm students’ academic progress and we will also watch clashes among school students.