‘Youth engagement key to community based adaptation’

Youth-engagementThe International Centre for Climate Change and Development (ICCCAD), along with several key partners, collaborated to organise a two-day Community Based Adaptation (CBA10) – Youth Conference, hosted by North South University on April 26.
The theme of the event was Enhancing Urban Community Resilience, where the participants were involved in a variety of innovative and engaging sessions on topics including gender equality and urban development, health, hygiene and appropriate sanitation, youth migration in metropolis, capacity building for urban industrial entrepreneurs.
The conference was attended by 150 participants ranging from 15 – 25 years of age, from differing educational backgrounds (from middle/high school to university students). The focus was to try and build awareness and capacity of the youth to understand how they can engage and be more effective in decision-making processes and what variety of areas they can be involved in.
The idea of this event was to ‘enable the youth to understand that they can change the roles’ within a society to address climate change, Ina F Islam, deputy director of ICCCAD tells New Age Youth. One of the key factors in being an adaptive and resilient society is from the engagement and enthusiasm of all groups of the population, especially the youth, who will be the sufferers of long-term climate and environmental changes, believes ICCAD.
The main goal is to involve the participants into the discussions for a fuller learning experience; sessions such as The Climate Games hosted by Pablo Suarez of Red Crescent Climate Centre took to explaining away the complexity of disaster preparedness in times of floods, droughts and cyclones by active game-playing and discussions.
The youth conference is a continuation of a series of conferences held parallel to the CBA10 event, which started on April 21 at Independent University, Bangladesh. The series has focused on shared learning and knowledge management practices and looked to disseminate the latest developments in community based adaptation practices, policies and learning from mistakes. Partners of the youth conferences included Plan International Bangladesh, Save the Children, WaterAid Bangladesh, ActionAid and Bangladesh Youth Environment Initiative.

– Youth Desk 

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