‘Can’t talk, text…’

A recent survey by New Age Youth reveals that majority of the young population find texting to be their preferred mode of communication over talking directly on phone. New Age Youth sought opinion from youngsters about why they prefer texting over phone calls.

Why has texting become a preferred mode of communication among youths as opposed to verbal communication on phone?


Nowrin Chowdhury (22)
10th semester student of Media Studies and Journalism
University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh

Nowadays all of us are busy almost all the time. We have classes, club activities, meetings, events and what not. Among such a rush, texting becomes more convenient than talking on the phone.



Salimullah Saqib (23)
Final year student of Computer Science & Engineering
University of Dhaka

Texting is much more flexible and comfortable than talking over the phone. It requires less effort and lets you multitask. In terms of giving proper instructions to someone, texting works better than voice call.



Sadequs Saleheen Haque (17)
12th grader
Notre Dame College, Dhaka

My communication needs boil down to basically sending information or instructions and asking questions. Texting is my preferred means of communication because I can get my point across quicker. People tend to reply to texts faster and more precisely. And I can avoid the unnecessary small talk. Additionally, it’s also significantly cheaper to text someone than call them. I reserve phone calls for more personal or emotional conversations.



Adib Rashid (20)
7th trimester student of BBA
North South University

Free apps like WhatsApp, Messenger and Viber save a lot of money that calling someone would cost you. You could also do group chats. Due to heavy sound pollution, often it’s hard to hear people on the phone when you are on the go. These advantages have made texting immensely popular among youths.



Safwan Hossain (22)
11th semester student of BBA
United International University

I prefer texting over phone conversations because I could do it even when I’m on a public transport and there’s deafening noise all around me. Texting can facilitate immaculate communication and costs far less than a call. And there are also a lot of free apps that one could use to text.



Shahnewaz Kabir (22)
5th semester student of Media Studies and Journalism
University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh

Texting is more enjoyable than talking over the phone. When you are talking over the phone, you need to constantly think what to talk about next, and seems like a lot of mental work, but with texting you just really have to go with the flow.



Aqib Rafi (23)
3rd year student of Institute of Business Administration
Jahangirnagar University

Texting is easier and they take less time to go straight to the point, avoiding the pleasantries that come with a direct conversation. Besides, there are situations where we cannot communicate verbally with our friends because of our surroundings, so texting is the best option in these situations. Emojis are trending now and one can only use them while texting.


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