When in the dark…

Whether they are real or imaginary, the paranormal has fascinated mankind for centuries. Paranormal, or rather people’s fascination with it has inspired countless work in cinema, literature and art. New Age Youth sought to know if youngsters believe in the paranormal.  


Why do you believe or not believe in the paranormal?


Farjana Yasmin (21)
12th semester student of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Green University of Bangladesh

I do believe in paranormal activities, and like how such things fascinate me. It’s quite perplexing that fear could fascinate someone, but it does. Open-mindedness about paranormal gives a break from our mundane and monotonous life. In our modern times, things are calculated and the outcomes are predictable. But paranormal gives a much required break from that routine.



Photo: Zahid Hasan (27)

Paranormal ‘activities’ are nothing but just an adrenalin rush. When someone has to spend some time alone in a dark place, they feel there are paranormal things around them, but none of it is real.



Photo: Md Nazmul Hassan (25)
Graduated from Department of Civil Engineering
Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology

The human mind seeks patterns to make sense of ambiguous information. ‘Ghosts’ are almost always seen under ambiguous circumstances — such as in poor lighting. A wide variety of supernatural beliefs exist in different cultures, but ghosts are by far the most common one. Part of the reason for this is that believing in ghosts might be related to a belief in the afterlife, a tenet of most major religions.



Photo: Mahmud Imam (23)
7th semester student of BBA
North South University

Different people might have different beliefs, attitudes and ideas about the paranormal. But personally, I don’t believe in the existence of any activities that could be identified as paranormal. But of course there could be others who do believe in the supernatural.



Photo: Tanjina Rahman Pushpo (20)
2nd semester student of English
Eastern University

Paranormal phenomena are just fictitious creations of writers and movie makers. However paranormal activities in literary or cinematic works grab the attention of people and stir their curiosity. Films about paranormal activities have become a strategy to make money.



Photo: Sudoy Saha (20)
3rd semester student of BBA
East West University

I don’t believe in ghosts and I wouldn’t be scared even if I had to stay in a ‘haunted place’. If you choose to not believe in things, you wouldn’t have to worry about their existence. Last year, after my uncle passed away, I kept feeling an odd sensation that he was present in the house. But when I told myself that my mind was just playing tricks on me, those sensations were gone.



Photo: Imran Khan (19)
1st year student of Mass Communication and Journalism
University of Dhaka

I don’t believe in the existence of paranormal beings. I think many might believe in the existence of paranormal due to lack of self-confidence. If you are a fully conscious being you won’t be scared even if you had to walk through a grave yard in the middle of the night.


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