Talking about sexual health

Promoting awareness about sexual health among youths is a notion that is still frowned upon in Bangladeshi society. Some even consider the topic ‘inappropriate’ for young adults. New Age Youth asked young readers about how we could change such mindset.

How can we unlearn the embarrassment of communicating about sexual health?

Syed Muktadir Al Sium (22)
Final year student of Genetic
Engineering and Biotechnology
Shahjalal University of Science and Technology

Sexuality is an important part of life. But somehow this issue is taboo in our country. The government and private sectors should provide counseling about sexual health through web portal. Knowledge regarding sexually transmitted diseases and sexual health should be included in textbooks at college and university level. Confidentiality should be maintained in providing treatment of STDs.


Shajidur Rashid (22)
3rd year student of Institute of Business Administration
Jahangirnagar University

A few days ago a private university provided free condoms in their campus to spread awareness among students about safe sex. Many criticised this act and thought it to be a shameful act of the university. Those who criticised are still not able to grasp the true idea of sexual health and precaution. Being shy in this matter won’t offer any solution.


Khandaker Tahsin Alam (22)
Final year student of BBA
East West University

Most of the students get embarrassed by seeing ads about AIDS and condoms. They tend to avoid this topic as they feel it is obscene. Such attitudes keep them away from learning about precautions and dangers of sexual diseases. Youths must strive to be more aware about their sexual health.




Afsana Chowdhury (20)
2nd semester student of English
Eastern University

Most schools in USA provide sex education to middle school students. If such education is provided to students at an early age, they will be more aware about sexual health. Government can include education on sex and sexually transmitted diseases in the high school textbooks.




Sadman Sakib (24)
3rd year student of Applied Statistics
University of Dhaka

Society is not aware of the importance of sex education because of the lack of knowledge of the human body. Doctors and teachers can play a big role in making the society understand the necessity of this knowledge. They can uphold the needs of sexual health knowledge among the guardians and parents and thus the knowledge can be shared within other members of family.


Kawsar Jahan Beauty (22)
7th semester student of English Language & Literature
Premier University, Chittagong

People must understand that sexuality is a natural part of life and Sexual Health doesn’t only mean absence of disease, it entails a positive and respectful approach to sexuality. We have to demand and ensure sexual rights. We must also have access to sexual health information, education and care.



Irfan Kazi (26)
Software Engineer

A considerable number of young girls get raped and molested. In many cases, these girls get pregnant. If these girls knew about emergency contraceptive pills they could have stopped their pregnancy. This is of course only one of many examples of how knowledge about sexual health could change lives.

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