Feel free to forget passwords!

Khaza A Rouf illustrates how 1Password gives you seamless entry to all online accounts with a single password or fingerprint identification

It is recommended by most cyber security experts to keep different passwords for different online accounts and services to strengthen security on the Internet. However, it may become toilsome remembering all those passwords and keeping them in your grasp. In fact, most of us keep forgetting the different passwords.
1Password, a promising new app could offer you a sigh of relief. The app manages all your passwords and helps you log in more securely in the World Wide Web. The application is essentially a virtual vault to store all your passwords, credentials and other sensitive information and it is designed by Canadian developer company AgileBits. It works across platforms like iOS, Android or even Windows and MAC and allows syncing between them.
Upon launch you are prompted to set up a new Vault where you can store all your data and passwords securely by putting in a Master Password to use instead of any other security codes or passwords.
You can keep a PIN code as the master password but that is not recommended as it can be cracked quite easily. Once done, you can add your passwords and other information from various accounts into the vault. There are plenty of categories to choose, ranging from Email, Credit cards, Bank Accounts, Identity cards, Passports to even passwords for your Wi-Fi router. From there you can search for individual items when you need them, but it will save you a lot of time if you mark your most frequent logins as favourites.
The data inside the app is kept secured using military-grade encryption algorithms, as acclaimed in the developer’s website. 1Password works great with smartphones with fingerprint sensors. You can seamlessly log in to any of your online accounts regardless of what password they are set up with by just using your fingerprint. For devices without a fingerprint reader, you can do the same with the same Master Password that you use for 1Password. One neat feature of this app is the AutoFill function, which allows you to save and use login information for various kinds of web forms. So next time you visit a website that requires you to log in, you will not have to put in your credentials again as 1Password would have taken care of it.
As amazing as these features may be, there is one big downside to all of this – that is after 25 days of trial, you need to pay a premium of US $10 to use the app to its fullest.

Google Play Store: http://goo.gl/X5YAN6
Apple iTunes App Store: http://goo.gl/Blxa3C

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