Bridging the generation gap

A New Age Youth online survey has revealed that majority of urban youths hide many things from their parents due to fear of not being accepted. New Age Youth sought to know from youngsters how the two generations could build a more meaningful relationship.

How can parents and children build a relationship that is more genuine?

Ahmed Rabib (26)

Parenting is a long term project which has no magical success mantra. It is an enduring and challenging mission that needs to be acknowledged with a lot of positivity. A core component of proper parenting is the ease of communication between them. If a parent and child are stuck on the road in traffic congestion while commuting, the parent(s) should talk to the child, it works wonders. You will be amazed by how much your child has to talk to you about if you can guide the conversation properly.


Atifa Amina (24)
EducationUSA Counselor, EMK Center

Generation gap has always played a major role in shaping the relationship between parents and children. The challenge is to bridge the gap between two generations. A genuine relationship between parents and their children can only be created through understanding the differences between the two generations, building mutual trust and respecting each other’s views.



Habiba Khanam Aninda (18)
Appeared HSC this year from
Willes Little Flower School and College

Parents mostly behave very strictly with children. They pressurise them with high expectations which create stress and burden. Parents must maintain a friendly environment in the house, they should in fact socialise with their children and listen to their problems.




Fardeen Bin Eshahuque (20)
A Levels graduate

Most youngsters are not comfortable sharing personal information with their parents. Building friendship is key to building a genuine relationship. Children have to try talking to parents more about their lives, wants, needs, likes and dislikes. Parents on the other hand should listen to them with an open mind.




Tahmid Ul Islam (20)

3rd semester student of Accounting
University of Wollongong, Australia

Sometimes parents could be judgmental toward their children. Feeling judged, the children might start to think that whatever they are doing is shameful, which might not be necessarily true. Parents and children often do not understand each other as their mindsets, attitudes and beliefs could be different. The judgmental tendencies have to stop. Rather parents must create a friendly environment where children would share anything without hesitation.

Khan Mohammad Faisal (29)
Founder, Akaliko Records

We need to learn why children hide things from their parents, that is the right question. Millennials have been going through the most culturally transformative era ever. Parents need to be open about their children living in a different world and children need to remember that while there might be striking differences, it’s important to let your parents know about their lives and if possible try to teach them about things that they are either not familiar with or not comfortable with instead of just hiding them.

Protik Rahman (27)
Lawyer, based in UK

Things change from generation to generation, but few things remain same. Generation gap between parents and children is one such thing. Modern urban children grow up in different circumstances than their parents. Their different and ambitious ideas might clash with the old ways of doing things. Parents need to play the main role in resolving this problem by realising how they were misunderstood when they were young. They must let their children pass through their own learning curve.

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