If you are into killing titans

MD Shadman Tajwar Haque stresses that a minor flaw causes major annoyance in Attack On Titan: Wings of Freedom

Have you ever felt the humiliation of being trapped like birds in a cage? Prepare to dive into a world where the human race has been pushed into a corner enclosing themselves around giant walls. Developed by Omega Force and published by Koei Tecmo and released for the PC and consoles on August 26, Attack On Titan: Wings of Freedom is an action packed RPG which follows the story that unfolds in the first season of the anime Shingeki no Kyojin.
The game follows exactly the same story as in the anime and even shows parts of the anime in the cut-scenes. Despite having a fairly mysterious and complicated story, the primary objectives of the game stay fairly simple and that is to kill the Titans, which are giant humanoid beings that feast on humans.
In terms of gameplay, as soon as you step into the game you are welcomed by the amazing Omni Direction Mobility (ODM) gear, which allows you to swoop around in high speeds and try to maneuver around the titans and slice their napes to kill them. As you progress through the game you unlock other characters and upgrades. The game also comes with a crafting system. There are 10 different characters from the anime that you can choose to play with. Each of them has their own stats and styles. Overall, the gameplay is impressive. The thing that seems like a drawback is the lack of optimisation in the overlays as the screen would often get filled with messages and gores that could have been shown unobtrusively.
In the graphics department the game scores well with the artwork being almost the same as the anime, but sadly the game is hard to enjoy during the action sequences as the screen gets filled up by overlays. Apart from that the cut-scenes are enjoyable and the voiceovers are appealing. Although the game is fun to play, it is not for everyone with the anime being quite graphic and filled with gore.

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