Be at ease when friends use your phone

Khaza A Rouf elaborates how AppLock enables you to password protect the apps you choose for privacy, including vaulting selected photos and videos

Smart phones are meant to be personal devices but they rarely stay that way. They get handed around to show off photos, to watch videos, or to play games and in those situations securing your phone with a pass code is not enough. However, with a handy application like AppLock, you can let go of the stress of parting with your Android phone by keeping certain apps locked up and others freely accessible for everyone.
Developed by a company named DoMobile Lab based in Hong Kong, AppLock is a tiny free Android app that gives you full granular control over the accessibility of apps that are installed in your phone.
Upon launch, you are asked to configure an unlock method by either a password or pattern. On the next screen you are given a full list of apps that you want to secure by just tapping the lock button beside it – it is that simple. But that is not all; there are a couple of things I really like about this app. First, it lets you create different profiles like kids, guests and more where you can customise the profile to only allow people access to certain apps.
This proves to be a very useful feature if you do not want your neighbour’s kid to accidentally delete an important email or image while he plays a game on your phone. Another awesome feature is the ability to activate those profiles at certain times and locations. So, if you have a work profile, you could set it for a specific period of time.
Users have further control over the system settings, which enables users to define the access to switch certain settings like turning on Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Another noteworthy feature is the Photo and Video vaults. This essentially allows users to store any private photos or videos inside those ‘vaults’ and secure them with that pass code. Once you add those files inside your vault, it is no longer visible inside the Gallery and is only accessible through AppLock, which seems pretty nifty.
In addition to all these great features, you can also customise the app with custom themes from the Play Store adding a nice touch to the app. Overall, the app is great and it is highly recommended, especially for people who want to share their device without making it totally public.

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