Dem Trolls!

When pervasive internet trolling is gaining public attention, Ayan Soofi provides his opinion to New Age Youth on the topic

Trolls on Internet are essentially the online extension of the ever opinionated segment of the society. If someone wants to draw a parallel connection between trolls and Bangladesh then, ‘Sorry bruh!’ It is as global a phenomenon as the global shift to conservatism.

I would like to reassert my non discriminatory policy towards trolls. It is a completely personal way of perceiving the world as it is. I personally try my best to not judge people on occasions which he didn’t have the necessary luxury to afford the education that was required to flawlessly execute the action. But I can’t help but be the angry grandpa when I have to face those views of the individual where s/he were heavily invested upon and then comes up with those ‘retarded’ online behaviour.

Dem Trools Youth nMany people see this as the lack of internet literacy, but I find this statement to be partially accurate. I think, we as a people are forced by circumstance to be and to act to be a CITIZEN. To have a rational process of thinking one must subscribe to a form of enlightenment whether through formal or informal modes of education. As we grow as a society, we should be following the best of us, lest the standard of individual priority shifts to the dominating narrative which in this case is surely a very crude code of conduct.

Though the case of feminist trolls are less pronounced in Bangladesh, the outcome of their trolling is something that will have a far reaching effect on the continuation of women empowerment.

There is a particularly disturbing sect of trolls who seems to hold a license to curse. These trolls will announce their presence by starting with a curse, use a horrific adjective to describe you and end with a curse. These trolls might be the majority and they can be quite difficult to handle. They don’t seem to understand that their message can get across to me without them telling the chronicle of my birth.

DOTA and LOL puritans! Please I beg mercy from you people! Can you kindly get over that virtual feeling of accomplishment in life and stop waging a fully fledged war when comparing between LOL and DOTA. Before ripping off someone for saying something mildly objectionable about these games look at yourself. You are 24 year old and you are supposed to be out there out there starting ‘Start-up’ or looking for job not bite the head off of the 10 year old fellow gamer!

Somewhere down the line we forgot to apply the code of conduct that we follow in social life into the virtual space. Why is that happening? What are we replacing it with and is it a transitional phase in our evolution as a society? These questions remain unanswered and are of grave interest to the sociologists. There is a need to codify our conduct and it is of paramount importance that we ourselves take the initiative to limit these erratic and irrational online behaviours. Until now I have been portraying a comical perception of trolls but there is a very serious issue.

The frontier of trolling and bullying seems to be very ambiguous and sometimes can appear to be over lapping. This is where the real problem lies down under. If the society in general becomes complacent toward the trolling problem, the periphery of trolls will increase gradually and end up demeaning personal characters. Bullying is an issue that needs to be dealt with very stern attitude. It is crime that is comparable to murder the only difference here is that it kills you from the inside. The perception that bullying is only applicable for children might not be right. Bullying also affects adults and affects them more so as they also have to deal with the social expectation to not heed to these hurtful opinions. Trying to draw a distinction between trolling and bullying will not be the best way to deal with this issue as it would be shifting in a fluid manner and the definition cannot be that fluid so it will end disastrously.

If the culture of freedom of opinion could be upheld by a societal move toward portraying trolling as a highly undesired trait in a person, it would be much easier to deal with this issue and moreover overwhelming disdain for trolls can be created through a well organised and well directed campaign. This issue of trolls can appear to be quite a trivial matter to be regulated but the actions that it eventually leads to is not at all trivial, recently in India the daughter of soldier who died in action came under heavy bullying and trolling for posting a video stating, ’Pakistan didn’t kill my father, War did.’ When we think for a while about how a horrific an act it was to silence a dissident voice with group of people who subscribe to rhetoric is quite frightening to be honest.

After writing all these now I feel maybe the trolls have got me.



In a complacent world of Netizenship, Ayan Soofi tries to discover the boundary

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