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Rafsan Zaman and Fouzia Fariha Orin write about a platform that unite all students from the faculty of business at Dhaka University — Voice of business.

More or less every student deep down in their heart inclined to start their journey as a university student from a very early age as it appeared to be interesting and full of excitement. Undoubtedly university life is one of the most charming and a life changing experience. And this is the stage when a student starts to become mature and more sensible as one starts to feel the responsibilities that after the completion of the university one will be moving out to the professional lives and one have to strive hard for the purpose of penetrating in the job market in search of jobs.

Teer BRANDrill Finale Winners+JudgesFor a business background student the faculty of business studies, Dhaka University is a dream place to be in, but the life of a typical business student in the university is not so easy. Overburdened with countless presentations, mid-term and final examinations and other regular activities, the students from the faculties of eight individual departments had no such platform to come together. Besides the students of the faculty also badly needed a platform through which they could seek help from each other on many course items and in making presentations, assignments, branding techniques, marketing and sales techniques. Talking to New Age Youth, a former student of the faculty, Mavin Ahmed says, ‘At the time, there was no such platform that could work as an option to unite all the students from eight different departments’. He also shares that there were some clubs but all of them were formed and worked with the department students.

Keeping this in mind, a student group initiated a platform for all the students of the department with the aim to unite them and start a culture of cooperation between them. This is how they formed a club called Voice of Business in February of 2007.  Right after the establishment of club-where any students from these departments could take part, the members planned to start publishing a magazine for them. The name of magazine also set after the name of the club and initially it was planned to publish twice in a year. The first issue of the magazine-that claimed as the first Bangladeshi magazine run by students only published in May of 2007. In the last ten years, they have managed to publish seven issues. ‘All the contributors being students faced difficulties with technical supports along with lack of regular funds which compelled them to deviate from the pre set plan’, says Shanjida Khan Shorna, VOB’s head of public relations.

6th Issue VoBShorna adds, ‘The publishing of the magazine allowed writers to interact with the leading figures of business and entrepreneurship that helped the readers to build up a connection with the theory and practice. It also helped rapport building with the faculties.’

Tasnim Hadi Shamma, associate of VOB says, ‘The teachers and researchers have opportunities in publishing articles at different platforms and journals, however the students who are starters and have less of experiences find less of opportunities in presenting their thoughts. The magazine of VOB is thus a good platform for the aspiring writers to reflect their views.’

Although VOB came out as a magazine, today VOB is involved in a number of interactive activities such as holding events — inspiring talks, seminars, conferences and competitions. Such activities help students to build up connections, nurture confidence and become self confident. So far 60 such events have been organised in which many students from different universities participated.    To appreciate the writing talent of students, every year this club launches its signature event ‘VoB Writing Contest’. In addition to these broad activities, unlike any other clubs, VoB also organises internal case competitions and workshops for the skill development of its members. The ‘Case Crackers’ competition is open to any students from all university in Bangladesh.

In continuation of that VoB recently arranged a national level business competition Teer BRANDrill 2017. Participants, mostly students from around 20 universities from all over the Bangladesh participated in the first online round that started in 27th January, 2017 and from there 50 deserving participants got through the second round. And after a neck to neck TVC making competition, 10 teams managed to the final round. The champion team of the competition is Second String from Bangladesh University of Professionals. The first runner up team is Forza from IBA, University of Dhaka and Second runner up team is Crime Master Gogo from North South University.








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