It has been forty six years since Bangladesh has achieved independence. On the eve of Independence Day 2017, the New Age Youth has asked today’s youth about their views and thoughts on the idea of Independence and Freedom. While young woman spoke of their right to walk free and fearlessly in public places, a student from Chittagong Hill Tracts talked about establishing peace in their region. Among other things, they all talked about their freedom of expression.


What is the meaning of Independence for you in 2017?

Prima Chakma

Age 26

North South University

PrimaIndependence means getting the freedom that can be considered inevitable for girls and indigenous people. To me independence  is when an  indigenous  won’t  face any harassment  due to his/her identity,  while a  female garments worker can walk fearlessly at night, when a person  can express anything  dauntlessly, when every single people of Chittagong  hill tracts  can live peacefully or society  will have a changing attitude  and accepting  approach in themselves .


Riya Roy

Age  17

S.K.Govt Girls’ High School.



It’s such a strong word for me…

Not only for me, but also for everyone..

Since 1971, after our liberation war, this word independence has always meant everything to me.

When I was little, I always used to think — what does this word independence hold?

Now I know what it holds…

It’s not just a word to me…

It’s like a new aspiration for every year to me.

To me, independence of the year 2017 means, freedom of every little things. Not only for men, but also for women..Free from all kinds of deprivations…from all kinds of obstacles…

My goal meaning of independence for 2017 is to be free like a bird, is to have the right to think freely and bravely and speak out the truth without any fear!! That’s my independence!!! No fear, no obstacles for being a girl…



Khandaker Sabbir Ahmed
Age 21

South East University
SabbirI think the meaning of independence in 2017 is dreaming of a future which will never become a reality. This is because we haven’t yet got the independence we struggled for. Independence means speaking and working in your own language, but in order to get employed now a days we need to know English. Independence means to do something good for your country, but here in order to do something good for the community we need to pay a lot of money to the goons and extortionists. Independence means the right to freedom of expression, but now we have to lose for speaking our mind. Independence means the freedom to practice one’s religion peacefully, but here too we are losing our lives. Did we actually achieve independence?


Iffat Rahman

Age 24

Jahangirnagar University


IffatTo me independence is and always will be to be myself. In 2017, being in Jahangirnagar University, independence to me is like being a flying bird balancing one of my wings keeping family values close and the other one nurturing my individual thought. I have always got the liberty to express my own feelings and share my thoughts to my family. So at this point of life I have learnt to value other’s feelings as well. To me independence is to let myself explore the world and the people around me as well as to give them a hand to taste their own!


Ayesha Alam Bipasha

Age 22

National University


AyeshaIn this 2017, independence means living my life in my own way irrespective of whether I am a girl or a boy.  I don’t want to tolerate any kind of imposition or supervision which can impede me in expressing my opinion or enjoying my rights or walking my path. I want to enjoy my intellectual independence also. Raising my voice against any oppression, working for the sake of development of our country are like being independent to me. In a nutshell, as a human being we have to conquer all of our limitations and have to walk forward with all of our rights; that is my realization about independence.



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