Left-Right: The Determination to Move


by Akramul Momen

After a prolonged period of waiting, Sina Hasan’s first album ‘Last Bench’ was released last week. It is now in the hands of listeners. Listening to the seventh track of this album, anyone can recall his/her school days. Students who are in school now, they get a different social reading of freedom. The song is titled ‘Left Right.’ It is written and composed by singer Sina Hasan himself. Behind the song, there is a story of unexpected murder and disillusion. By this song, Sina protested against the rules of conventional education, law and justice. This is not just a songs, it’s a vocal protest.

SinaThe song ‘left-Right’ began in a child’s world but ended in a university campus. In midst of the automatic machine like system of education, singer Sina Hasan writes his note of alternative ideas in lyrics form. Firstly we find a reverie child in this song. He took part in left-right parade and but the routine and the system of education disappoint him. He speaks up, makes his oath heard. As metaphor, a sheep of a herd has been compared to today’s student. Habitually the student found himself in every evening reading books like the herds of sheep do with a shepherd. Depending on the social position, he found himself in the midst of a flurry of confusion.

Murder of Zubair, a fellow student of Jahangirnagar University left a strong impact on Sina. Zubair was a close friend and roommate of the singer. Sina believes Zubair is a victim of the power hungry student politics. In this society, our childhood dreams are dashed. Sina believes a new understanding and judgment of freedom may help us find a new way.

Few words of Michel Foucault are used in a line beautifully. The expression of the words is ‘Independent thought is less free than I am.’ Beyond the unknown mystery of individual human being, Foucault’s theory of power and authority coincided with the song.

However, Sina showed the opposite reality of Foucault in the song. Foucault’s France from 50 years ago and the reality of Bangladesh is quite different. Here we do not think. We are still forced to think what our politicians want to make us think.

Sina has sung some unspoken words here. Binary opposition and retro conflict can be found in his lyrics. In the context of the song writing, Sina said, ‘My favourite theorist is Michel Foucault. In particular, the society’s nepotism and how we humans are monitored by society, I can understand in short after reading Foucault and these things. As Foucault said, human even more independent than we are forced to think, it made me think, how free are we really? It’s related with my being, and atmosphere around. That means, we’re sitting with our independence, but cannot feel it. With this thinking, the song ‘Left Right’ comes to my mind.’

Now, if you are a free thinker or you believe you are this song is for you.  Besides album, the songs can be collected from website ‘sinahasan.com’ and you may find more information from his facebook page.

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