Hurrah we have won the game!

Although our playgrounds are disappearing day by day and technologies are snatching the leisure time of our young people, still sports have a certain appeal for them. National cricket nurtures a solidarity that cut across social class and gender divides. It is not uncommon to find colleagues at offices crowding the tv setting aside the office hierarchy. Sports are the new glue which is holding together the decaying camaraderie among people, writes Ishtiaque Ahmed.

Have you ever held your breath when Messi is dribbling past every single defender? Or did you scream in joy when Ashraful scored his maiden hundred? I am sure you have. After the glorious era of Humayun Ahmed’s TV dramas, sports are the new glue which is holding together the decaying camaraderie among people.
Sport is the synonym of hope. Today’s youth pick famous sport personalities like Roger Federer, Shakib Al Hasan, Cristiano Ronaldo and many others as their role model. It is without saying that their story is immensely inspiring. Some of the successful superstars came from areas polluted with drug abuse, but they came through. They chose sports over drugs. This is really important for our youth which is slightly getting involved in the junkie lifestyle.

mindspeak sportsAfter the meteoric outburst of technology, the playgrounds are starting to disappear. The cheerful hangouts in the fields are taken over by the cafes and selfies. But there is still hope because the universities organise various tournaments from time to time.
It is sad that the insta folk are very much concerned about their looks. Some of them do not want to play football after the classes because their shirt would get dirty, or their hair would get dishevelled. But some of them are carrying the flag of the insta youth by posing for a perfect football shot in facebook. Surely they are missing out on the silly fights a playing filed usually offers.
In the 80’s the focus was mainly on football, but things have changed now. Cricket is the new pretty now. Dads are seen rushing from the office just so they can enjoy the match with their family. Dinner table gatherings are disappearing, but match day gatherings are still present. With decline and decrease in play ground and public parks, both in urban and rural areas, people bond over watching a game together. On the day, Bangladesh cricket team is playing any game, you could see rickshaw poolers or fruit vendors are huddled together at street-side tea stalls or watching games standing outside a Rangs or Panasonic TV showroom. These are common sights in Dhaka.

The huge fan base of Spanish and English football clubs are offering another topic to the youth other than love and breakups. But we cannot ignore the dark sides also. Betting also takes place among the school students regarding IPL matches.
Whatever the reason, be it to woo the prettiest girl in the class or to genuinely become a sports person, it is always welcome. It is a joy to say that sports are the only reason that is carrying forward the spirit of youth in these stagnant times.

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