Speaking up on climate change

Climate change is one of the biggest threats of present world. Bangladeh is already experiencing the adverse effects of it. Besides the experts and politicians, our young students also express their concerns about this burning issue with New Age Youth.

What do you think we should do about climate change?


Jummy Nahdia, Age 28, Kennesaw State University, USA

JummyClimate change is one of the most debatable issues right now for any nation in the world. Primarily we could blame the global warming for having a significant impact on climate change. To have some solution about the climate change we might need to fix the global warming issue. As far as it is concerned, global warming is not responsible for only one country or a nation. Every country has some amount of participations on increasing the global warming. Apparently, it is not possible for one country or a nation to come up with a solution either. We, all the nations should be united in the cause of a sustainable environment to live in. Therefore, we each individual could bring an important help adopting a more responsible lifestyle to fight against global warming and fix the climate change.


Zannatul Mawa, Age- 22, University of Asia Pacific

MawaFactors that cause climate change can be divided into two categories ¬- those related to natural processes and those related to human activity. Climate change is a global problem, but there’s a lot we can do about it in our daily life. Choose our own set of solutions to suit our lifestyle. We should take some steps for climate change like seal and insulate our home, be greener at the office, reduce emissions in transit, use energy star equipment, set computers and other office equipment to power down during periods when we’re not using them , reduce water waste . We’ll save energy and money, and make our life and home more healthy, convenient and comfortable.

Global Warming is a drastically urgent and serious problem. We don’t need to wait for governments to find a solution for this problem: each individual can bring an important help. Adopting a more responsible lifestyle, starting from little- everyday things are the reasonable way to save our planet, before it is too late.



Nazmul Hasan Nayem, Age 22, Jahangirnagar University

NazmulClimate change is no Chinese ‘hoax’, if you look closely to the seasons you’ll understand that it isn’t functioning properly, the rise of sea levels and the upward curve towards planetary overheating simply indicate that the climate change is worsening each day. In a capitalist society where making profits is the only aim of multi-national companies and governments, the climate actually is not that important topic to bother about for the lawmakers, because installing industries around rivers like Buriganga actually meant development in terms of money making, it boosted the country’s economy, it also killed the river, but death of a river doesn’t bother a country which set her eyes only on being a ‘developing’ nation. The bitter truth is that climate change is threatening humanity with total extinction, and the people who are and will be suffering from the disasters brought about by the global warming today and in the near future are less responsible for the cause they suffer from. The west, the Makkah of industries that are increasing the amount of carbon in the world air, suffers less whereas the African and Asian nations are being punished for the sin they never committed. In the recent years the more developed countries are seen exporting their industries which produce a large amount carbon to less developed countries in the name of helping the less developed countries to progress economically, and the governments of less developed countries are happily accepting these suicidal offers.

Anyway, going against all the logic and possible disasters to face, our government in the recent past has chosen coal based energy plants and nuclear energy plants over renewable energy sources only to please their foreign gods. There have been enough debates, now it’s time to take actions since we don’t have time to wait and see. If we can’t force the government to reconsider the plans to produce energies using sources that will take climate change to a further worsening level, our future generations won’t have a chance to breathe in this land, and all our debates and seminars and articles will end up being a meaningless drama in the stage of history. I intentionally used the word ‘force’ since the government seems to pay no heed to what experts are saying about the results of installing coal-based power plant in Rampal and nuclear based power plant in Ruppur, and we have to force them to stop these projects before it’s too late, and forcing a government need a mass movement.


Galib Mujahid, Age 19, Comilla Medical College

GalibClimate change is a subject of great concern for our safe living in the world nowadays. There are many facts responsible for climate change. Green house effect is one of this. Some green house effective gases like CO2, SO2 absorb heat in our atmosphere which is from sunlight. For absorbing heat day by day the temperature of the world is increasing gradually. There is another reason for climate change which is diminishing ozone layer. As a result the UV ray of sun directly enter into our atmosphere & causes climate change.

It is the demand of time to prevent climate change. We have to take some initiative to prevent climate change.

Filter should be used in mill factories, vehicles. We should reduce diminishing natural energy sources. We have to recycle recyclable elements we use. We should have concern in energy saving.

We should plant more trees to absorb CO2. We shouldn’t destroy forest for our temporary comfort. As an example- Sundarban should be protected from destroying it. At present our government has taken a step to create a coal-based power plant project in Sundarban. Coal power plant excrete huge amount of acidic oxide which increase acidity of mangrove forest, Sundarban. Acidic water will also be increased; so pH equilibrium will change. Then there will be destruction of the plants of Sundarban. If Sundarban will go to this situation, it won’t be possible to turnover it into present situation. Then there will be more possibility of climate change in Bangladesh; many part of the south area of Bangladesh will be engulfed by Bay of Bengal in recent future. Considering this after effect we must have to prevent coal power plant project in Sundarban. Rather we should plant more trees as we can. If we can take these initiatives, hope we will be able to prevent climate change and make our world a better and safe place for our new generation.


Shaoly Sarker Dola, Age-21, University of Asia Pacific

ShaolyWhen I was born, my father planted a mango tree, a jackfruit tree & a guava tree & even now I still feel a deep sisterhood to those trees. To me, it is not only protesting against climate change, but also reforming. I prefer to say that we are borrowing the earth from our future generations & when we borrow something, we have to give it back in the same or better condition. It’s the future generations, who will pay if we neglect our duty to save the world from climate change.

Now all of us should be young to reduce the climate change and also should be responsible citizens. We young people can convince the people around us to save energy. We can replace incandescent with fluorescent lights. We can also change our habits by walking or using cycle and eating more vegetables. Furthermore, we can turn off the lights when not in use, etc.

As climate change is a global problem and it is noticeable by various changes in our local weather, we should get involved in the fight against climate change to make our lifestyle greener.




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