Fifa 17


By Sheikh Sadaf Tasin

Imagine yourself as a 17 year old aspiring footballer living in London, toiling hard to become a professional in the sport. Then one fine day, you get the opportunity to play at your favourite Premier League team. Ask any football fan they would say this is a dream come true. The latest instalment of EA SPORTS FIFA, FIFA 17 provides you a virtual opportunity to feed your football fantasies with a similar story.

Youth-Game-Review-May-7FIFA 17 was the most hyped game of the FIFA franchise because of the brand new game mode, ‘the Journey.’ Through the story of Alex Hunter, a gamer can experience the journey of a young footballer. The game mode consists of cut scenes, training drills, game play and decision making. Alex’s place on the starting XI will depend on his performance on the training grounds. Gamers can make Alex a fiery or cool character according to how he interacts with the other characters. The good thing about this game mode is the attention to small details, like a social media feed, agents and boot deals. All in all EA incorporated a good story line with their game play and cinematics to come up with something that has never been done before.

There were not many new inclusions in the career mode. The only new features were that now there is an avatar for manager for you to play as, and all 20 premier league managers have their own avatars as well. And the other one is the board expectation is divided into 6 parts: Domestic Success, Continental Success, Brand Exposure, Financial and Youth Development. Each expectation has a short term and long term goal with their importance being labelled as Critical, Medium or Low.

But by far the best game mode of FIFA 17, according to me, is Ultimate Team or popularly known as FUT. This is the online multiplayer game mode which generates the most revenue for EA. This game mode has so much to offer! Gamers have to build the best team from over 12000 players and each player has a designated card with his particular stats. They can acquire these players by buying packs or bidding for players which have been put up for sale by other gamers who packed them. The currency for these buying and biddings are FIFA coins which can be earned by playing matches one can also use FIFA points which can be bought with real money but only for the purpose of buying packs not bidding. EA also included a feature called Squad Building Challenges this year where a gamer has to build a squad according to some given criteria to receive rewards. The game play modes in FUT are Online Season, Daily Knockout, FUT Champions and FUT draft.

EA left their previous Ignite Engine and shifted to Frostbite engine which made the journey possible and this also made significant changes possible in game play and graphics. Set Piece Rewrite was one of the controversial tweaks that EA made. They have completely changed the way free kicks, throw ins, corners and penalties are taken and at the beginning it was pretty unpopular. However after getting used to the new technique it does not feel that bad.

Graphics has saw a lot of improvement from the previous edition however one thing that personally bothers me is that EA does not provides enough star heads or players with accurate faces. Even though they did a brilliant job with the Premier League players, a huge chunk of players from other leagues get generic faces. FIFA’s rivals PES has done a brilliant job when it comes to player faces and EA should look into it in the next editions.

Overall the game was a nice experience for any football fan or anyone trying to have a good time with their friends. The popularity of this game is widespread and it has become a household name.


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