Battle Evasion

Sheikh Sadaf Tasin writes about a group of young game-developers and there story of making the Bangladesh’s first ever multiplayer shooting game.

Video games have been incorporated well with the lifestyle of youths these days. It is a great stress reliever after a long day of classes or at the office. It becomes even better if you can play it with your friends online in the comfort of your own house. This gives you a chance to socialise as well. However this group of youths sacrificed their leisure to develop a game so that other people can enjoy their leisure. With the leadership of Md Habibullah Sohan, Tashauf Ananno, Shovon Majumder and Khondoker Sadman Shaha created Bangladesh’s first ever multiplayer shooting game.

Movies & TV 4_10_2017 3_05_10 AMIt all started when Ananno, Shovon and Khondoker Sadman, they are all studying computer science and engineering at BRAC University wanted to learn game developing. They approached Sohan, studying CSE at American International University Bangladesh, AIUB. Sohan was already experienced in this field and decided to conduct a project based learning experience with i.e. he decided to develop a game and teach them how it is done along the way. They wanted to do something which has never been done before in Bangladesh. They brain stormed and came up with an idea to develop a multiplayer first person shooter game which fulfils this criteria. Under Sohan’s leadership, their group started their journey with the name GCube.Tech. Shovon Majumder was the assistant leader, Tashauf Ananno took responsibility of the networking department and Khondoker Sadman Shahab took responsibility of the graphics department. Step by step they developed the character for their game and also developed a first person and third person shooter game play. Initially they faced a lot of problems, there were a lot of bugs however slowly but surely they were mending all of it and their game came to their desired form. However, one of the major problems they faced was finding a server. It requires huge financial muscles to acquire a server for online gaming and for university students it is not an easy feat. However, they eventually got a temporary solution to this. There is a free server for students who are into game making called Photon Unity Networking; they took the server service from there. However the limitation is only 20 people can play at a time in this server. Despite these limitations, their game was being played by people from different parts of the globe almost every day. In order to acquire a proper gaming server they started to look for sponsors. There was no luck in the beginning, and then they made a trailer for the game and launched it on GCube Tech’s YouTube channel. There was a good response and finally ‘lady’ luck knocked their door as few members of Indie Games Developer approached them to upload their game on GameZolt, & Indie Game Stand.

Movies & TV 4_10_2017 3_03_59 AMTheir game Battle Evasion comes with the tagline, ‘Kill to Live.’ The main attraction of this game is that it is multiplayer. The game has 3 game modes: Death Match, Team Death Match and Multi Team Death Match. Death match is where the two players battle each other to collect points in a given amount of time. Team death match involves two teams of players battling each other in a given amount of time. And lastly Multi Team Death Match involves four teams of players battling out each other within a given time limit.

big1-01To develop his game further, Sohan plans to release a series of android games for smart phones. He already released a few. He plans to use the entire revenue generated from these apps to develop Battle Evasion further. Sohan plans to release battle evasion in android platform but says that a better server would be required to materialise that.

Sohan has big ambitions for his young GCube tech, ‘We want to be the biggest game developers in the Asia, if not the World. We want to develop a game that would even over take Counter Strike. My vision is people would play games developed in Bangladesh.’

Sohan and his team opened a new chapter in Bangladesh’s game developing history. What started as a learning experience for a few undergrad students now has a following and participation from different corners of the globe.


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