Fashion speaks more than what you think…

Is there a statement behind your fashion choices? How does one make these choices? As New Age Youth talk to young students and professionals, it seems, for some it is a question of comfort, for others it is way of expressing his/her inner self or cultural identity.

What is your fashion statement?


Rabita Rahman

Age 26

Lecturer, Daffodil International University

RabitaYour choices stand for your internal self to a great extent and communicate a message. So, when it comes to fashion, I would straightly go for the cultural and traditional eccentricity of my country. I think one should prefer the materials particular to the nation s/he belongs to as every individual stance has always something to do with the political economy of a nation. For me, it’s only possible when a culturally sound, yet up-to-date only if my choice of products complements my national cultural heritage. Besides, to me fashion is about comfortably owning your attire maintaining a fine line between extravagance and subtlety. Prioritising national identity and comfort — this approach towards fashion has its own way of contributing to the cultural phenomenon of a nation, it upholds the national cultural identity without compromising one’s own individual choice.


Md. Hasibur Rahman

Age 22

Institute of Cost and Management Accountants of Bangladesh

HasiburFashion is art. It is the art of expressing one’s image to people. The image reflects which culture has more impact on that particular person. It lets the people guess or, understand the mood, lifestyle or, economic condition of the individual. Being fashionable is more often premised on to have flexibility and originality to show personality. People express their beauty more boldly and comfortably when they are secure in their way of being and don’t feel odd to be themselves. One’s fashion shows to others who they want to be or, don’t want to be.


Samia Sultana Lira

Age 23

University of Dhaka

SamiaIn my view, fashion or the way you express yourself is totally your matter of choice. And, I personally don’t like to judge other person’s choice of fashion. But it’s a matter of fact that, the inner you can flicker out in your outfit in many ways.

In everyday life, I like to dress up in conventional dress, no specialty, so to say. I would like to call it ‘Simplicity is beauty’ but behind this story of simplicity there is a clumsy person. In the morning, I almost run for classes wearing what I have in proximity. Make up such eye decoration or nail art is never to me about being phony, rather these are arts.

No matter I’m fashionable or not, I like fashion or style a lot, truly. I love enjoying new trends.


Ayesha Mahmud

Age 25

Jahangirnagar University

AyeshaMy fashion statement is – every person is unique in his/her own way. Being myself is the smartest style I can wear. An individual’s fashion sense tells other people a tale about him/herself. The interpretation of what people see in others varies from person to person. But in general, the outfits and overall outlook is what people mean by the term fashion. While a person’s outlook helps to form an impression of them, it can be distracting and also, it doesn’t reflect their true self accurately. In my perspective, outlook has nothing to do with the inner self of that person in most of the cases. Fashion is rather the personality, norms and values which they carry in themselves, I believe.


Moniruzzaman Tusher

Age 28

IT Specialist, UPS

MoniruzzamanMy own opinion about fashion is – what defines me as a person. My choice of color, style and clothing is the reflection of my inner personality. It’s not about how expensive or how stylish cloths I am wearing, rather for me it is about what makes me comfortable and confident. I am not the type of person who likes experimenting with fashion; instead I would prefer my own sense of style. End of the day it’s my choice how I express myself.




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