Puth gives us Attention!


by Shama Sania Shiblee

Popular American music has a way of worming into our lives. Doesn’t matter if we want it or not, we will get exposed to it. Whether we are eating out at a restaurant or hanging out with our friends, we are bound to hear some uber melodic tunes that will be on repeat and make its way inside our heads until we are forced to download the songs and satiate that desire to listen to them until our ears fall off.

SongIf you are looking for the next hit that we hear everywhere and is on our April 2017 playlist, look no further. Charlie Puth’s ‘Attention’ is just the song for you. We already know that the Grammy nominated artist can deliver with the perfect combination of catchy and relatable with his widely popular collaboration with Selena Gomez known as ‘We Don’t Talk Anymore.’ That’s right. Even the name will get those who are well acquainted with the song to at least sing those few lines from the chorus that we are not yet prepared to forget. The new song is a deserving sibling to its precursor, and pretty much gives us more of what the other song provided us with: a way to dance away the break up blues.

We all have that one (or more) ex that is usually flailing their arms and doing pirouettes on social media or in public places just to make sure they don’t escape our minds. No matter how much you try to avoid their existence, it becomes pretty much impossible to do so. Most times it just hits you straight in the face 8 A.M in the morning as you scroll down instagram with bleary eyes. And, just when you are about to hit the unfollow button, your hand just refuses to comply? This song is basically the personification of all that, compressed into techno beats and flowy vocals.

The song begin with a slowly creeping guitar tune that leads to a groovy beat which quickly grabs your ‘attention’ and just like that you are hooked. To be honest, the song is nothing that people have not heard before. Yet, somehow its strange familiarity and rhymy melody will successfully manage to captivate you. Unlike the most pop songs these days, this song is not high on EDM. It combines the haunting influence of 90s electro pop like that of Savage Garden with the likes of 00s R&B songs by Usher or Chris Brown. It is an evolved version of both the genres, blended into one. It certainly adds to the currently ongoing electro pop revival brought forward by Daft Punk, Bruno Mars and many others. Charlie Puth has the kind of voice that can perfectly blend in with female vocals, which makes his duets iconic. But, on his own, his voice was made for R&B songs and that can be easily spotted in the new single.

As for the lyrics, it will hit just the right ‘feels’ with lines like ‘I know that dress is karma, perfume regret, Maybe you just hate the thought of me with someone new’ and ‘You’re just making sure I’m never getting’ over you.’ Something about the message that the song relays has a way of getting under your skin and as you hit the loop button, you may just find yourself groaning ‘Urgh, why is this so relatable!’




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