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By Rummana Ferdous Fagun

Let’s start with the best features of the app. One thing that will catch anyone’s eyes is that unlike many other photo editing apps this one does not trivialise editing photos. While taking a photo it’s not always possible to keep the framing or lighting perfect. This app lets you edit any photo any way you like.

It was released initially released by a small team who had the dream of creating something new which will change the way people edit their photos on their phones. This developer company is known as toolwiz and they have grown a lot since then, improving their app with each update.

When you open the app it shows you options to choose from, such as pro editing, prisma, explore, doodle and many more. To edit photos choose pro editing and select your desired photo. After that just toggle through the options below which include toning, enhancing, effects, decorating, filters and so on?

AppThe basic tools include things like crop, rotate, fix perspective, resize, blend images, patch and heal them, reshape, refit and a few other things. With the pro editing features you can adjust the brightness, exposure, RGB levels and curves, tinker colour balance, shadows, highlights, and midtones of your photos, as well as the white balance, temperature, apply gradient maps, posterise and mix channels and more. Along with this the app offers a selection of built in filters which are pretty useful.

There is another option called Portrait which includes quick fixes to smoothen your face, slim your face or your body, remove blemishes and imperfections, enlarge and whiten your eyes, swap your face, whiten your teeth, or even apply makeup if that’s your thing.

Along with all the basic features Toolwiz lets you create neat picture-in-picture collages, apply double exposures, kaleidoscope, fisheye, polar coordinates, water reflections and shape masks. The app is perfect for photography lovers packed with features like artificial blur, lens blur, depth of field, vignette, lens flares, aperture adjustments, light leak, apply smart focus, spatial, and other effects. It can also enhance photos by allowing you to defog, clarify, sharpen, apply HDR, brighten, brush, and enhance your pictures, among other things.

Toolwiz is a jack of all trades, but unlike the famous saying, it’s a master of almost all features bundled with it. On top of it all, the app is pretty easy to use. Provided that you have a clear idea what you want to do, Toolwiz will most definitely help you achieve your goal. So far, the only downside of this app is that it shows ads when you open the app and lacks layers in certain modes, but even with that, the app is definitely a great image-editing tool you should give a try.

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