Speaking up against Sexual Violence!

Bangladesh has enacted a number of laws that aims at removing sexual violence from our society. But, still we all know that this is a crime easy to commit in Bangladesh. Young people shared their views with New Age Youth which they believe we should do to prevent this heinous crime immediately.

What do you believe we should do to prevent sexual violence?


Baizid Hasan, Age 23, University of Asia Pacific

BaizidBeing a brother of two young sisters I deeply realize that, how much we need to change this current situation of our society. I feel no matter what law or how much strict law we impose on these type “mental illness”, situation won’t be changed until we learn how to respect women not because of her sex but because of she is a human just like you, me and us. And this learning should be started from our families, our religious institutions, schools, colleges or universities. We need to ensure open discussions about the brutality or inhuman behaviour of us instead of making these topics as like “Taboo”. Why a women need to be considered as a mother, daughter, wife or sister only! From religious point of view we see how much honour the Almighty have given to women and commanded us not to vitiate but a shield and we need to practice it. Always remember the best court is our conscience, rise it up with respect, love, values and virtue. Let’s be a mate, not a rapist.


Taki Mantasha Shithi, Age-21, University of Asia Pacific

TakiThere are many ways of sexual harassment in this world. Sexual harassment is unwanted offensive touching, unwanted offensive romantic  attention, offensive sexual speech, Offensive sexual gestures, unwanted exposure to pornography, unwanted offensive sexual texts, emails, facebook, Twitter, being forced to have sex etc. Sexual harassment is offensive no matter it is rape or eve teasing or anything. People who used to do sexual harassment are not human beings. They are not supposed to be called animals also. Sexual abusers are poisonous for the whole society & country. It’s better to remove all the poisonous things from society as soon as possible. Those who play with the emotions of innocent girls, women and even children don’t deserve to live among us. This sort of people should be punished by sentencing death. Those who try to bring them out of justice by bribing money should be equally punished. One poisonous insect is capable of affecting a whole garden and certainly our society is full of insects like this and in order to bring peace we must bring an end to their game. Nowadays, some people blame women who got sexually abused on the basis of their clothing style. From my point of view, they should also be addressed as sexual abusers. Every woman has the right to decide their own way of style and should be given the freedom they deserve. Every woman wants a safe society for living. So, let’s try to give them a safe society by bringing the sexual abusers under punishment.


Prapti Anandita, Age 23, Jahangirnagar University

PraptiWe all have been through the time, when we go to a Dawaat, the host will put in an extra piece of roast on your plate no matter how many times we say ‘No’. Our boys are taught not to cry no matter how hurt he is. What I mean is- we are taught to be very inexpressive from childhood. The way we differ between a girl and a boy, the way we express our desires, the way we learn that Yes means No and No means Yes, all these are responsible for the occurrences of sexual harassment taking place today. To prevent this, we have to teach our kids to be more expressive. We have to change our society constructed gender roles.


Kamruz Jaman, Age 22, National University

KamruzI think, the most effective weapon against sexual harassment is prevention. Harassment does not disappear on its own. In fact, it is more likely that when the problem is not addressed, the harassment will be worse and become more difficult to stop as time goes on. The work that is needed to be done to stop the rape became crystal clear when women spoke publicly about the rape experiences in their lives. We can make a more caring and supportive nation for survivors of sexual assault by changing our outlook to women. And we can work together to stop rape so we can tell our communities that rape crisis services are no longer needed. It is the only choice we have to make a better society.


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