App Review

By Maureen Nawer

Hearing the word meditation brings a picture of the spiritual icon Gautam Buddha into our minds because that is how the history book introduced this word to most of us. By meditation, normally we mean engaging in thoughts or contemplation. We reflect on incidents that have happened in our life. Meditation can focus on both on the past and the future. Either it can be trying to decide whether the decision we have recently taken is right or wrong, or thinking deeply to come to a conclusion with something we have been planning to for quite awhile. Either way it’s an exercise for the brain. And that is why doctors often prescribe meditation for restless and/or indecisive minds.

AppA few weeks back I came across this app called Stop Breathe & Think which offers all sorts of help with meditation. After installation the first thing you’ll see is a few encouraging words. They claim that with dedication and practice you’ll be able to create your own force field of calm and peace, something we all want. Without a brain surgery, they say they’ll rewire your brain for the better. Within a few weeks it is supposed to make you more balanced, feeling ready to take on your own biggest dreams and goals. Sounds pretty encouraging, but at the same time a bit questionable. An app has the power for changing you so much?! Exactly that!

At first even I was a bit confused about how an app will do so much to me. But with regular usage my conception changed for the better. The app doesn’t change anything in you, what it does is, it guides you. You follow the guidance properly, and you’ll see you are experiencing what they promised.

The first option here is “Learn to meditate”. If you are a newbie like me and don’t know anything, you can go ahead and read. They explain the basics of meditation, how it works, why practice is the key and the objective behind each meditation. So, depending on your mental state you can go for Falling Asleep, Mindful Breathing, Body Scan, Nature sounds, Gratitude, Commonality of Suffering and a lot more. Each one more relaxing than the other as you proceed forward. I am not going to lie and say that it is always peaceful, no. Sometimes it will feel a little uncomfortable; sometimes you’ll feel a little restless. You will have anticipations regarding what you want to do after this. But you have to endure that and get through because that is what will train your mind and emotion to be under your control.

Lastly, you can track your progress. You can log in your daily streaks. With each meditation you do with the help of the app, they record it. And the fun part is, with milestones touched; they give you stickers to encourage you. A bit childish, but we all have a mentality of a baby deep within us; you’ll find yourself gaining happiness by earning stickers. They keep a track of weekly settledness, which is your mental well-being of before and after meditation. And at the end, it tracks your most felt emotions, most done category of meditation and the total time you spent meditating.

So, STOP what you are doing, BREATHE to create a space between your thoughts, emotions and reactions, and learn to settle down and THINK. Oh no, I am not commanding you to do anything. It’s what the app is telling you!

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