One lost dream

Song Review

by Dristy Rahman

Every time we think of alternative rock music, Nemesis seems to be on top of the list of the Bangladeshi youth. In the year 1999, Nemesis came out as a surprise with its rich musical blend and lyrics extracted from daily life. The songs made its way into people’s heart through its rhythm and delivery of powerful messages. After the release of their first album, the band became an instant go-to rock band for the youngsters. Their second album was, however, a more deliberate and even more accomplished effort, partially because the band members had become a more cohesive unit.

SongRecently, Nemesis launched their third album, titled, ‘Gonojowar’ which became widely praised by the music lovers. The album effectively mixed the kind of mournful songs with rollicking up-beat numbers. One of the most popular ones is ‘Shopnoshur’ which recalls the forgotten days of the Shahabag movement. Zohad Reza Chowdhury, the lead vocalist as well as the lyricist of the song said that he started writing Shopnoshur during that time. When they heard the news of thousands of people gathering to protest against the war criminals, they got inspired to take part in it. “It was as if I heard a call, got up, and went” said Zohad.

Apart from the lyrics, it’s the band’s sound that stood out the most, from the propulsive drumming to the distinctive guitar fills, all topped by the rough, expressive singing of Zohad that mixed leads with harmonies. The arrangements were simultaneously loose and assured, giving the song a timeless appeal, while the lyrics continued to paint portraits of a movement driven by one goal. In the end it turns out to be nothing, but a beautiful illusion.

In amidst of all that, the song is a buzzing rumination on the reality of life which counters its patriotic theme. Sometimes what we look for seems far away and that very soul searching journey is what we see in the music video of Shopnoshur. In a year of political unrest and simmering tension among almost every racial, sexual, and class category, Shopnoshur is delivered in dire, matter-of-fact bulletins, carefully disguised under the cloak of overriding lyrical metaphors.

The song cuts open with the typical Nemesis guitar lines that reminisce the hit song ‘Kobe’ from their second album, “Tritio Jatra.” One listen to this record and it’s like time has stood still for the better part of the past years. Nemesis deserves credit to put a focus on creating new music in an age when most acts go on never-ending tours and deliver a new studio record once a decade. The song is an impenetrable idea of a journey of hope and change that still stands overlooking the past with an emphasis on the future.



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