Longing for summer rain…

When the nation is experiencing a heat wave, NEW AGE Youth dared to ask about these seasons.


What is your favourite thing about summer?


Md Hasibur Rahman

Age 23

Southeast University

HasiburGuess, what’s the most beautiful thing about summer? It’s rain. Yes, my favourite thing about summer is bathing in the rain. It’s the most limited edition opportunity but the loveliest feeling. It has no age restriction in addition to any gender discrimination. It doesn’t bother whether you are a student, a busy business magnet, a dedicated corporate employee, unemployed or, a housewife. If you’re dying for a break from your monotonous life then you must grab the opportunity. Whatever you are feeling like down, blissful or, excessively fed up; just take a deep breath, have silence, lookout the decors of nature and get wet in the rain; feel the drops, smell the breeze and relish the sound of thunders which will twitch the vibes of your heart to start the life again. You can try ice-cream or, a hot cup of tea with puri or, shingara to add some extra flavour. I enjoy the summer to fullest when I get a chance to dance in the rain.


Ajmari Alam Natasha

Age 18

Govt Devendro College

AjmariEach and every season is important and has its own flavour. From the childhood I like the summer season the most because of some special qualities of it. Though it depends on which part of country you live. It depends on local climate. I live in Manikganj and here weather is not so hot like others places. I love summer season because it has some favourite things which attract me a lot. I can wear lighter cloths which are much more comfortable. We can enjoy fresh air and smell of the flowers. The leaves are nice and greener with sunshine. I love to sit in my backyard, and smell my lemon tree and flowers of my garden, love to walk on the riverside. I also can go for holidays with my family because there is a vacation in this lovely season. We go to our villages and enjoy the lovely delicious foods and fruits of this season. Above all I can say with much confident that I love summer season because it has some beautiful sights which are my favourite things.


Sabikun Nahar Ema

Age 22

Radio jockey

SabikunThough I am not a big fan of summer but I love to do certain things as I love to have watermelon after coming back from outside! Mango and lychee are my favourite fruits in summer! I usually love to go to rooftop to get fresh air! I like being at home with a messy bun and ripe t-shirt! It may seem funny for some! I like lemonade which is my mind fresher in summer. I really like to hangout with my friends at home and a night stay with full of snacks and movie. Fantasy kingdom is another place to have fun together with friends. In the evening, a cup of Coffee and a soft music strengthen my soul. I just love to be with the nature in summer. If I get time I go to the park with my beloved ones and having Chotpoti and fuchka is another great thing I love to do! May be that all about the things I do in summer. Being in peace is the most important thing for me whether its summer or winter



Atiq Rahman

Age 23

Shahjalal University of Science and Technology

AtiqFor the purpose of my studies, I stay in Sylhet, and summer is the most enjoyable time in Sylhet because there is no day without rain. Suppose you are very sweating under the scorching summer but there is no cloud in the sky, just then it will come down to impress you. And since I like to travel, summer is an excellent place to visit Sylhet. Summer makes me nostalgic. During this time I want to go back to my childhood, at the school’s summer vacation; I want to go to the village of grandfather too. Although we still have a summer holiday, but can’t get the feeling of childhood.

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