Rock, metal, pop or what?

With the rise of Souls in the late 70s, rock music curved its niche among the youth. Feedback (1976), Miles (1978), Nagar Baul (1980) and Warfaze (1984) followed the birth of Soulss. But, the history of Bangladeshi rock goes far behind. In 1963, a group of students from Chittagong College formed the first orchestra band — Zinga Goshty. There were other bands considered as pioneer in the rock scene: Windy Side of Care, Rambling Stones, Fire in Ice. They all performed without expensive instruments or sound systems. Then, of course, there are the legendary rock figures like Azam Khan, Happy Akhand, Ferdous Wahid and Pilu Momtaz. The bands that youngsters listen today emerged from this history. New Age Youth asked around about the songs and bands that frequent the play list of youth today.


What is your favourite Bangla band and why?


Syeda Sharika Arafin

Age 21

National university


Sharika-ArefinSong!!! One of my best friend of all situations. A good song from a good band helps me to forget my all stress, problems and loneliness. If anyone ask me which one is my favorite Bangla band, I will go for Chirkut cause I love their each and every song and the way of they sing, they have energetic voice inspiring lyric amazing music in their every song. Jadur shohor is one of my favourite songs I heard from them. In the song, they not only represent our capital Dhaka, they also represent our country also. They have always tried to do something different something innovative. In my thinking, these qualities are making them unique.


Samin Sakib
Age 21

Bangladesh University of Professionals
Samin-SakibSince I have always had a propensity for rock when it comes to music, so I would choose Guns N’ Roses as my most favourite band of all bands that I’ve listened to. This particular band was able to create something out of the box of the then rock music when they first came onto the music scene, treading a new ground with a fusion of several genres. Guns N’ Roses have always maintained an excellent footing in both melody and harmony while displaying aggression at the same time. The giants have penned some of the best songs ever written. Sweet Child O’ Mine, November Rain, Welcome to The Jungle and Paradise City constantly topped charts from both consumers and critics alike, but they were so much more than this. There’s a duality to the music that not many other bands have been able to achieve. Songs like Estranged can move you to almost tears from the bittersweet lyrics to the smooth, caressing lead guitar, whilst others like My Michelle are so gritty, and dirty that you can almost smell the alleyway it was written in. Axl Rose’s voice has a harshness to it that delineates that even at the age of 25 when Appetite for Destruction was released, he’d seen his fair share of tragedy and torment. Slash’s guitar style owes so much to the blues that every touch is practically dripping with emotion, and you only need to listen to Rocket Queen or Locomotive to see how the rhythm section gelled so well. Their appearance portrayed the musky essence that basically became the legacy of what we call rock and roll today. Lastly, the way these maestros are still conquering the scene, my respect for this band will never grow old.
Sakib Rahman Siddiqi Shuvo

Age 20

Jahangirnagar University


Sakib-R-SiddikiMy hands actually are trembling with excitement as I am writing a comparison between different Bangla Bands! Which one I would rank as first? From Artcell, Arthahin, Black, Shironamhin, Warphase to Mohiner Ghoraguli, Chandrabindu or Fossils of West Bengal — really it’s hard to compare. After thinking deeply, I select Artcell. This is the band that each and every song of theirs. At least a thousand of times. I have spent hours after hours to thinking about the lyrics or comparing their songs ‘kono duratta’ with aniket prantor. Lyrics of Rupak or Rumman and the composition of Ershad made an everlasting impact in the minds of 90’s generation. Aniket Prantor, Dhusor Somoy, or Rahur Gras each of the songs is an impeccable creation. May Artcell live in our mind, in the ‘Aniket Prantor’, may Artcell give us company in this ‘Dhusor Somoy’, may Artcell live in the heart of the inattentive boy sitting in the last bench of the class.


Ishrak Ahmed Resham

Age 20

Ahasanullah University of Science and technology


Ishrak-ReshamThis is actually a very tough ask. Bangladesh has a rich history in band music and the new bands are doing great too. But if I really had to choose only one band, I guess I’ll go with Nemesis. With their wonderful work, Nemesis has been entertaining the people of this country and beyond for almost a couple of decades now. Though they’ve had ups and downs with their lineup, but it’s impressive how they’ve always kept hold on to their music and kept on improving. I love their compositions and songs. Their first song ‘Obocheton’ is still a milestone for the Bangla Rock era. Recently they’ve successfully launched their new album ‘Gonojowar’ which displays awesome guitar and bass works. It’s just tough for me to get over their songs.

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