Best app for the month of Ramadan

by Riasat Raihan
Firstly, Ramadan Mubarak to all of you! In Sha Allah this Ramadan will bring lots of lots of happiness to our lives. This is obvious that all of us have started planning for sehri, iftari and other religious activities. To do all the religious activities correctly and timely ‘Ramadan 2017’ could be the best app for you. You will be benefitted from this month by using this app. This provides you beautiful Ramadan calendar 2017, wallpapers, recipes, duas, and Ramadan timings for sehri and iftari and prayers. If someone thinks he or she might miss the sehri due to heavy sleep then this app has the best talking alarm clock to get up easily for the sehri. It also provides you the opportunity to listen to the Holy Quran. You can also get prayer schedules according to your location. This must be the best app for all the Muslims because it provides you complete information about fasting. You can know which dua is best for the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and so on till the last day of Ramadan. This app also enables you to learn the dua for all the 3 ashras along with English meanings and high quality Audio. Wallpapers will make your phone’s lock screen beautiful and Islamic. You will have access to see random beautiful Islamic or ramzan special wallpapers. This app has an excellent quality which is to help you finish the Holy Quran at least once. You can select one of the best readings plans to track your performance. It can be read offline. It is recognized by more than 20m muslims around the world as the most accurate app for all the religious activities.
One of the best thing about this app, it is pragmatic. We often make mistakes in calculation  with our timings and other important things. This app helps us to do all the things accurately. The best thing is that we can read the Holy Quran whenever we want as it is in our phones. So we have to make sure that we utilize the app for ourselves as much as we can.
Hopefully this app will bring all the goodness on ourselves and others. We have to make sure we use this app only to improve our iman and our gratitude towards Allah. May Allah protect us and help us to fast regularly and bless us all.

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