Stan – Eminem


By Rummana Ferdous Fagun

Imagine yourself to be a famous artist and one of your fans kills themselves because you didn’t reply to their letters. Haunting isn’t it? Well that’s exactly what happens in the song ‘Stan’ by Eminem (Marshall Bruce Mathers). Stanley Mitchell is a huge fan of Eminem and considers himself as his biggest fan. This turns into an obsession after a while and Stan starts losing his mental stability. Instead of focusing on his own life he relates it with Eminem’s and that’s when things start going south.

SongThe song itself is very melodious. It is a perfect mix of soothing music and rap. Eminem is known for his depth of lyrics and this one is undoubtedly a masterpiece. He tells a whole story while being perfectly in tune with the music. The sweet voice of Dido adds a touch of softness to the song. This song was first released in 2000 and the music video portrays the song perfectly. The video as well as the song features Dido who was a blooming artist at the time. The female voice in the song is hers and she plays the role of Stan’s girlfriend in the video. The whole song has a pattern, one long verse by Eminem and one small chorus by Dido which repeats throughout the song. The rap speed picks up at the end as the story gets more intense and Stan goes out of control.

The story begins simply when Stan and his brother went to one of Marshal’s concerts. They wait for him in the cold but Eminem being in a hurry cannot manage to give them an autograph. At another meeting Eminem tells Stan to write to him but after writing a couple of letters Stan still doesn’t get a reply from Eminem.

In the letters he tells Eminem about his life, how his girlfriend is pregnant. He is excited to name their child Bonnie, inspired by Bonnie Jade, the serial killer from Eminem’s song ‘97 Bonnie and Clyde,’ to show off Stan’s clear obsession. At first he considers that the letters might have been lost or he didn’t write the address clearly but after continuously writing to Eminem he gets annoyed. He starts accusing him that even after he said he’ll write him back there is no reply. The end is quite tragic. After Stan’s girlfriend gets creeped out by his obsession, he ties her up and shoves her in the trunk of his car. He plans to drive the car off a bridge. Now, there is an interesting reference to Phil Collins’ song ‘In the Air Tonight.’ In that song a man watches another man drown, instead of helping him he just stands there. Stan accuses Eminem for not saving him, he knows that the letters got to him but Eminem did not reply. He could have rescued him from drowning. After a few days, Eminem starts to write back to Stan and warns him to take care of himself and have control of his life unlike the drunken guy on the news who fell from a bridge with this girlfriend. Now this is a long and sad story, doesn’t it make you wonder if the story is actually true or not? Sorry to burst your bubble but it’s not true.



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