Deliver your messages through Telegram


By Rummana Ferdous Fagun

App-ReviewAfter being fed up of using messenger, whatsapp, hike and similar apps, ‘Telegram’ was a breath of fresh air. The best thing about it is its end to end encryption system. You can open an encrypted thread with someone and it will be completely secure as far as the messages are concerned. The developers advertised the app advocating its security feature but some research shows certain anomaly. It’s safe as long as you send messages through ‘secret chat’ other than that all your information are pretty vulnerable. Focusing solely on security, this app has no reason to have an unsecured path in the first place; many users might be misguided or be unaware of having to open a secret chat. Another concern is that the company made their own encryption code (MTProto) instead of using the already functioning ‘Signal protocol’ that Open Whisper Systems use; this puzzled the tech experts to some extent. What I am saying is that if I were you I would be a little careful not to discuss things as important as national secrets on this app. Other than this, the secret messaging is pretty efficient and useful. It is not much different from the traditional messaging apps but what makes it stand out is its speed. While using it you’ll notice that the messages are being delivered remarkably fast compared to the time required by other apps. Along with messaging you can make calls too, the video calling option has also been included this March. You can use this app from your PC also making it even more versatile. Also, the app does not compress images too much keeping the quality loss to the minimum. Another cool feature on this app is that it allows you to store messages and media on the cloud. You can store all of your memorable messages, photos and videos whenever you like.

This app surely packs a punch. Along with these there are some additional features like chat backgrounds, themes and stickers. You can change notification and sound settings from the setting menu. There are a few options like username and a profile picture as far as personalization goes. Initially released in 2013, it has not gained that much popularity, mostly because of the tough competition from the already popular messaging apps. It is developed by the company — Telegram messenger LLB, but the location of their official headquarters or where they hire their employees from is kept secret. This keeps the employees away from any outside influence and makes it harder for government officials to demand information from them frequently. So, that’s a plus point. Try this app if it suits your needs but be sure to use the secret chat option if wish to keep your messages a secrets!


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