Making life choices

We face this question all too often — what do you want to be, when you grow up?  Students today responded to New Age Youth about their dreams, commitments and responsibilities.


What would you like to choose as your profession? or as most commonly asked, বড় হয়ে তুমি কি হতে চাও so, tell us, what would you like to become?


Bangladesh needs a committed economist like me

Md Hasibur Rahman

Southeast University

RojinWhen the world said no, everyone lost hope on me, I discovered the adventure of my own kingdom. However, I had to face numerous difficulties, sufferings, social challenges and to pay a lot for the mistakes to uncover my real interest. I am not regretting though. After tasting the sweetness of science, business studies and arts, academic as well as professional studies, experiencing it in the best and worst circumstances and learning from people, I was inspired to study social science and become an Economist. I felt that a developing and unpredictable country like Bangladesh deserves Economist like me, who will never give up.


First of all, I want to be a good human being

Adrita Roy

Birshreshtha Noor Mohammad Public College

AdritaMy whole life, I have been trying to figure out what I want to choose as my profession. I want something to do that will spread happiness to everyone’s soul, including myself. After thinking so many times, I have decided that I wanna be a psychologist. Our happiness depends mostly on our internal happiness and health. The key to understand this difficult structure of human being is, for me, to earn knowledge about psychology. And I always want everyone to be happy, everyone to be able to enjoy their life. So I want to be a psychologist. So that I can understand people, I can understand their minds and thoughts. I can do something good for the human beings. But first of all, I want to be a good human being.


I wanted to join the air force

Sifat -E- Rasul

Daffodil Institute of IT

SifatI grew up with thousand of thoughts about this. My parents wanted me to be a doctor. The reason was, we have lots of engineers in our family and they didn’t think or expect me to become someone out of the box. Anyway, now let’s talk about my dreams. From my childhood, I always wanted to join in defense to serve my nation. After some years knowing pretty much about all the sectors in defense, I chose air force and started dreaming and preparing myself. But unfortunately, I started to have problems with my eye sight, I am now using high powered spectacles. And, I couldn’t join there. So, my dream was shattered. Then I moved on to trying something else. And, now I want to work on management sector. I chose this because I have some quality like leadership and I love to do this kind of jobs. Now, my aim is to work on a corporate world. Although, I am not a BBA degree holder, I don’t have commerce background. I am student of computer engineering and am planning to do my higher studies on Management Information System, I could combine my interests.


Determined to be Upazila Nirbahi Officer

Md Abu Sayed (Bappi)

Shahjalal University of Science and Technology

Md-abu-sayedDuring childhood, I encountered this question quite often, ‘What do you want to be or what would you like to choose as your profession?’ Al times, I answered that I want to be a doctor or engineer or a pilot. But, reality is very tough and hard in this competitive world. So, for the time being, I want to be an Upazila Nirbahi Officer because, there is an opportunity to serve the common and vulnerable peoples. As a student of public university, I have some responsibilities to general peoples who afford a part of my educational cost through revenue. So, I am determined in my decision.


My dream is to become an architect

Syed Ianur Shah

Pabna University of Science and Technology

IanurIn childhood, we grow up trough many situations, incidents both bad and good which determine our fields of interest. But, in childhood, you can’t know your future profession. As I am an architecture student, I am on my way to be an architect. The field of architecture is huge, that I cannot wrap my head around it. Many think, architecture is all about designing buildings. Yes, an architect designs. However, it is not all about designing buildings. When you build something you materialise someone’s dream. You decorate their dreams. You make a house just not a building but home. And, that’s the most satisfying part. An architect just not see nature like others, you feel it all. That’s why finally, I chose to be an architect. Because here you have a huge opportunity to discover the nature, its beauty, people, their psychology. Actually along with all of them you discover a new you.


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