Komola Collective sings, ‘We are boundless’

Song Review

By Shaikha Shuhada Panjeree

I am pretty sure that just like me, many people even women (I have an agenda for pointing them out) did not know that this song exists. Do not take it for one of those songs you randomly come across browsing through YouTube, and lose interest after listening to them a few times.

This is a song which takes your attention and makes you go blank on the world, makes you focus on one certain reality for woman or a girl. It is a song about what it feels like to embrace womanhood in this country. The song is titled ‘Amra Durbar-We are boundless’, written by Leesa Gazi and presented by Komola Collective.

songIf you are blessed or cursed with womanhood in this country, you know a few things very well. From the time you are a teenager, you are being told not to walk so fast, not to run or to stop playing with boys, not to talk loudly. And, laughing aloud? — that’s something only bad girls do. It’s a big no no for you, if you belong to a typical middle class family, your mother would come putting a pinch of sense into you, ‘what would people say you shameless girl?’ Your teenage younger brother can stay out till it’s almost mid night, but God forbid, if you tried staying out till 8pm, you better have something very reasonable to show as an excuse. A girl will have to go through an up-bringing which has the sole-purpose of making them as adherent to the society as possible.

Now if you just take a notice of how women are picked at in the roads under broad daylight, you will get a complete picture of how our society works and how they treat their women. Why would you wear a tight jeans, why would you wear a palazzo pant. I remember one of my friends from university commenting on the new trend of girls wearing palazzos, that it made him feel like peeing through the middle of the girl’s two legs, rather graphic isn’t it? Why this fatwa? Why that shirt? Why sleeveless blouse? Why that humongous teep? Why do you have small breasts? How come you have such large breasts? That’s how our society works.

If you want to give an answer to all those WHY’s and put an end to nonsense demands and suggestions made by the male dominated society, this song is composed for you. Nothing extravagant, no excess music, just plain and simple words, that we are women, and like you, we have a life too, we are fun-loving beings who know the essence of those tea-stall addas, of those fairs and every other public gatherings, of life outside four walls. We have the freedom to chose our clothes and our voice, we have the freedom to our choices.

The song ends, with a suggestion from the other side of the wall, that if this normalcy of womanhood is not normal for men, they are to tie up the judgmental eyes and extirpator penises.

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