In remembrance of a young dramatist — Chanchal

It has been five years since young dramatist and theatre activist, Didarul Islam Chanchal was murdered. Five years later, there is no legal progress in bringing the perpetrator of his crime to justice. In such a situation, his friends, family and comrades have formed Chanchal Smriti Parishad to seek justice for Chanchal and keep his memories alive. Shabab Tahsin writes about the initiative…


602237_116122021904665_2106Didarul Islam Chanchal was a first year honours student majoring in Bengali from the Narayanganj Government Tolaram College. He gained fame as a young dramatist only at the age of 20. He was also a member of Narayanganj Oikik Theater. This young dramatist has written three plays named ‘Shoto Manusher Hajar Shwapno’, ‘Had Torongo’ and ‘Boktaboli.’ He was awarded the best dramatist for his drama ‘Boktaboli’ only three days before his death from Shilpokala academy.

Five years ago, in another July, Chanchal went missing. He went out with his friend for a late evening stroll. They had dinner at a local restaurant near railgate after midnight. Last call in his phone was from 3.09am. It came from Meem Prodhan’s relative Mehedy Hassan Rohit. It is unclear what happened after that. He remained missing for three days. Later, on July 18, the decomposed body of Chanchal was identified by his mother. His body was found in the Shitalakkhya River in Bandor upazila, but as it was unidentified, the police had already buried him. Later, his mother Rubina Begum recognised the attire of deceased that was kept in the police station. There were marks of sharp weapons in his body.

10422523_268156853367847_3659897096089558096_n - CopyThe main purpose of Chanchal Smriti Parishad is to seek justice for the young promising dramatist and musician Chanchal. The Parishad and the local people of Deovog declared two days activity on the fifth death anniversary of Chanchal. The activities include human chain demanding justice for Chanchal in front of Narayanganj press club. They also held different prayers meets at mosques and in his house.

b18dc42de13672090c9e5f60f0bThe Parishad consists of two different committees. They have an advisory committee and the implementation committee. The members in the committee are his friends, fellow theatre activists and his family members. The Parishad has arranged 27 human chains in the past five years. Memorandum has also been given to the district commissioner and police officers. However, the activities of the Parishad are not limited to rallies and human chain. It included distributing winter clothes, food among poor, working for the development of Chanchal’s community. They are also organising cultural activities such as sports events, cultural competition to encourage young mind to keep away from crime. Zubayer Islam Pomel, Chanchal’s brother describes, ‘We will not let my brother’s name to be forgotten. He can’t be an example of injustice. The activities enliven the name of Chanchal so that no power can think that a name dies with the person. The demand for justice will go on.’

The local police submitted a superficial charge sheet in 2015. In response, Chanchal’s mother, filed a motion to reject the charge sheet. The lawyer of the complainant, advocate SMA Kabir told a local newspaper (Newsnarayanganj24) that, they filed a na-raji petition last year, and demanded reinvestigation.

The river Shitalakshya is the witness of many cruel inhuman murders of Narayanganj. In 2013, talented young student Taqi was kidnapped and found dead on the same river. There are others too — businessmen Bhulu Saha, Ashik Islam and Chatra League leader Shahidul Islam Mithu — all faced similar fate. Without bringing the real perpetrators of these murders, young lives in Narayanganj can’t walk free and fearlessly. Particularly, young voices like Chanchal, who had love for his country and dared to speak against any evil that has corrupted his cultural and social environment. The precious young lives are the treasures of the country. They are the future. That is why the Parishad is determined to bring justice for Chanchal and create an environment for young minds to grow.

Chanchal was a kind hearted youth. He was there by the side of those in need, particularly street children. During mango season, he would distribute truck full of mangoes among the children of slum. A year before his death, he acted in a drama named ‘Lokhai’ regarding the pollution of the river Shitalakshya. He acted as fish that died of pollution crying ‘nodire amar Lokhai’(my river Lokhai). The irony of life is such that his glorious journey ended in his river Lokhai.


Shabab Tahsin is a student of Jahagirnagar University.



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