Instagram: The most popular and the best photo-video sharing app!!

By Riasat Riahan

AppInstagram has gained popularity among the youths soon after its launch in 2010. It’s been one of the most used apps by the people around the world since it’s released. The definitive instant-gratification app for sharing photos. Instagram has strengthened its top position with the addition of Snapchat like storis and periscope style live videos.
Unlike snapchat, which opens directly to its camera, Instagram opens to its traditional home page of scrolling posted photos. But at the top of the screen are a row of circles representing your story and other popular stories recently posted. Instagram has given up its trademark square format, allowing pictures and videos to be posted full-frame horizontal or vertical. It’s a controversial change. Many users appreciate the creative freedom it allows them, while others think that Instagram has sold out, because posts now look and feel like those from other apps. Another interesting upgrade Instagram has made which is everyone seems to love the new ability to share up to 10 photos and or videos in a single post. The multiple photo interface is as easy to use as the rest of Instagram, with tabbed access to filters and edit tools for each image. You can also tag Individual for each image. Although Instagram’s built-in-filters are fairly limited, there are a huge number of third-party filters and apps that can enhance your images and posts. The statistics on Instagram’s popularity are very good. On google play, this app has been downloaded more than 1 billion times! 48 million users rated it 4.5 stars.
Now a days it has also increased its popularity among public figures and other social or commercial organization. They now thing it is a vital social networking site. And of course it’s now most used app by the youths for their social interactions. They catch their every moment in photos and share them in Instagram. The more follower you the more popular your account is.
The bottom line is Instagram remains NO.1 app for photo sharing. However its photo editing is minimal. But, Instagram remains the favorite for the youths because of its quick photo sharing easy workflow, and simultaneous posting to several social networks at with a single tap.

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