Sarahah: The New Anonymous Messaging App!

app review
By Dristy Rahman
The currently trending app of 2017 is taking us back to 2010. Remember back in the days, where you could ask questions anonymously to anyone? Sarahah app is designed to do something similar to that. It is a question answer platform used by the youth for sending ‘constructive feedbacks’ to someone. An app that initially started as a website intended for employees to give anonymous and honest feedback to their employer became one of the most downloaded app of last week.
It became the most popular free download app on both Apple’s U.S. App Store and the Google Play Store. Like many other anonymous messaging apps, this too spread like wild fire among the youth due to the anonymity of the senders. The word ‘Sarahah’ is Arabic for ‘openness’ and those are the qualities that are used to describe the users of this social app. The Sarahah website states that, ‘Sarahah helps you in discovering your strengths and areas for improvement by receiving honest feedback from your employees in a private manner.’
It is possible to search for other users you may know that are using this app. You can then send your thoughts regarding them. There is no option of ‘adding’ someone via the app. Users have the option to block users and exerts control over who can message them. They can also ‘favorite’ messages that they like. The biggest problem with this app is that one cannot reply to the messages they receive. This is the biggest drawback because anyone can say bad things to you and you would be able to do nothing about it. Also, because you wouldn’t know who sent those messages, you can’t go confront them. People mostly screenshot the messages and share them on Facebook or Twitter along with a reply.
There have been reports that this app is increasingly being used as a means to communicate abusive, bullying, and sexualized content. However, it is also known to lighten up people’s day with compliments, positivity, and encouraging messages. Sarahah seems like a one-sided communication platform that gives limited freedom to its users. If you are not afraid of criticisms, then download the app now and see what people think about you. However, ‘if you cannot handle mean comments, and are scared of never being able to find out who your foes are, then this app is not for you’ says the honest reviewer.

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