SONG REVIEW : Aj Ei Bristir Kanna Dekhe

song review

By Sabiha Anjum

‘Aj ei bristir kanna dekhe mone porlo je tomay’ is such a song that can be compared with a perfect cup of tea. This everlasting song has the potentiality to beat the pace of time. This song is sung by Ustad Niaz Mohammad Chowdhury, a legendary singer, almost all of his songs get ardent love of the listeners. Lucky Akhand is the composer of this wonderful song, who have left us on 21st April this year and Kawser Ahmed Chowdhury is the lyricist. The song first listed in Album named ‘Jibonananda’ which was produced and directed by Jan-e-Alam.

The verses of the song tell us about a touchy woman who has embraced her unfixed destiny and leaves her place filling up with dejection. Melody of this song can be said melancholic.  There are about thirteen verses in this song including a posteriori and a priori and each verse is building an imagery of cleft between deeper torment of heart and innate ardor of lover.

To begin with, I like this song for its enchanting potency to take the listener to a world of fantasy, to a world of imagination. That appears with a vignette where a woman is walking alone in rain having intense anguish in her heart, her kajal is dropping down with tears as like as the drops of rain. She has no companion, but a profound feeling of sadness? Rain is compared with tears, sadness.  However, there is ardor; there is somebody who is concerned about her unaccompanied journey. Today, when tendency is to constantly update our playlist with new releases, evergreen songs like ‘aj ai brishtir…’ still hold it’s firm position.

If you have ever wondering about the forgotten love once you have left far behind, or if you fond of calm, sober, romantic and refreshing music, you will definitely like this song. If it is a day of rains in torrents, what could be more delightful than sitting with a cup of hot coffee and listening to this song?  In these days of incessant rain, very similar what is described in the song, you should consider listening to your songs. All of your pain, distress, and sad feelings whatsoever, let them melt with the rain, with this song.


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