APP REVIEW Pathao By Naushin Jahan Chaudhury

App Review

Bangladesh is truly coming around. Our country is computing towards progress and making movement more feasible. ‘Pathao’ is a pioneer start-up company that started their journey in 2015 as a delivery service, and has immensely evolved by mid-2016 by introducing on-demand motorcycles rides for the locality. This was an innovation for Dhaka riders to reach destinations.

Initially ‘Pathao’ was available for Dhaka dwellers only but they have now expanded their network to Chittagong. Their main motive behind starting up the business was to beat Dhaka traffic. Dhaka traffic is the worst. Pathao’s main intention was to solve this problem and bring about adroit experienced riders that could take their passengers through the shortest routes to reach their desired venue before time. Of course, safety takes precedence and Pathao is serious on the issue. Pathao is developing the e-commerce industry of Bangladesh. They’ve introduced the ‘Pathao App’ which has become the new hype in town.

The app tends to be user-friendly. ‘Order A Ride’ and the app will spot your location and all you have to do is place your destination. Within a few seconds, in fact, in 120 seconds the app will assign you to your nearest rider. An instant call and the rider will navigate on a dime to pick you up. The app will also show all details of the signified rider, along with their picture so that it’s easier to identify your biker when they are near your pickup point. Pathao undoubtedly saves a lot of time as it springs its way through the narrow alleys of Dhaka City.

Furthermore, another reason that makes Pathao popular is that they’ve managed to keep the rates reasonably low compared to other local transportations where meters aren’t always accurate. The total fare is calculated on the basis of the time needed to cover the artery per kilometre (per kilometre 12tk, base fare 25tk, and every minute 0.5tk).Your app will make all the adjustments and calculate the fare for you. This shows professionalism and veracity of the system integrated by Pathao. More passengers are able to travel longer distances at a low rate according to their suitability.

Pathao often offers discounts which somewhat makes the app more intriguing for active users of Pathao. The monsoon weather keeps people from travelling, so most Pathao’s motorists provide their passengers with a helmet, along with raincoats for safety and for a bearable ride under the drizzling rain. Alongside all this, Pathao originally dropped 200 bikes in the transport sector but now they also consist of qualified freelancers. This option increased the availability of bikes and gave freelancers a platform to earn.

Pathao has managed to catch their targeted consumers. It is bound to attract more, if they are able to sustain their performance. If Pathao maintains it service and safety, it holds the promise of spreading its network to other regions of Bangladesh.

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