SONG REVIEW A graffiti in the Milkyway By Istiaque Ahmed Nahian


Lyricists fade away under the pomp of singers and musicians. Their name only appears in the corner of your TV or laptop screen, and that’s all. Hardly anyone talks about the lyricist. And during the mp3 era, when people did not bother to read the album covers, their condition was much more pitiable. I still sometimes ask myself why aren’t they celebrated like the poets? ‘Taray Taray’ by James might be an answer to that question.
Too many cooks spoil the broth, but this is definitely not the case regarding this song. Its lyrics are slightly modified from the poem ‘Uttor’ written by famous poet Shamsur Rahman. The poem was very much heartfelt itself. But it’s transformation into a song gave it a new life. It was produced under the album named ‘Nagar Baul’ when James was part of the band named ‘Feelings.’ Perhaps, it was Rahman’s reputation as a poet which gave this simple lyric such a grandeur.
The song opens with a lover addressing his love to a beautiful girl. Here it is depicted that the girl could easily act possessive towards the blue sky, the beautiful camellia and the moonlight, but they would not respond to her. If she keeps her eyes upon the eyes of the poet, he would not be able to restrain himself, he would heartily acknowledge that they are made for each other! He will make sure that the universe knows about their reunion! Beautiful! Isn’t it?
It is one of James’s most popular songs. In the concerts, it is a real fan favourite. James performed several fusions of this song in different times. Recently, he collaborated with Taposh in the programme ‘Wind of change.’ The newer version was nothing less than the original one. It was quite surprising because Taposh was criticised for overshadowing the guest artists in his show. However, James’s mastery in music was too good to be spoiled.
James, mainly popular for his psychedelic songs, cited Eric Clapton, Jim Morrison and Mark Knofler as his influences. His songs really provoked muse. The tone of Taray Taray as a poem was different from the tone of the song, but somehow they expressed a similar kind of meaning. It was perhaps because of his brave lifestyle. He had left his home at an early age for pursuing his dream of becoming a rockstar. It is in the cramped rooms of Chittagong’s Aziz Boarding he wrote numerous songs and formed his maiden band, Feelings. Several renowned lyricists like Prince Mahmud and Marzuk Russel wrote lyrics for his super hit songs. Which again raises the question why they are not crowned as poets and why they are not being talked about? And, until the teacup breaks as a result of the storm, enjoy this masterpiece and plunge into the songs muse and music.

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