APP REVIEW.. Allrecipe’s dinner spinner By Rummana Ferdous Fagun


Who amongst you have always wanted to cook something but feared it will not turn out edible? I know, I have. Well, recipe apps can be good options for the not-so-expert in cooking generation. Among these kinds of apps, Allrecipes dinner spinner stands out because of its rather unusual feature — the slot machine like recipe wheel. All you have to do is shake your phone a few times and the ‘slot machine’ will choose the type of course you will be cooking, the main ingredient and the time allotted for cooking then the app will look for recipes that fulfil the obtained criteria.

The app has a database of a 50,000 recipes to choose from. With a whopping 30 million users from its parent site, will never run out of options. It is available for Android, IOS and Windows. It was built to make cooking more fun rather than monotonous. Cooking from recipes formulated by people from all around the world is certainly an intriguing concept.

One disclaimer though, all the recipes are not from professional chefs, fellow users input their recipes as well. So, if you are looking for an app that only has recipes from professionals this might not be for you. But this is what makes the app stand out among a crowd of well-organised apps with a few recipes from renowned chefs. It has casualness to it.

This does not take away from the ability of the app to assist you to cook some near perfect dishes. There are cooking tutorials to help you through the process and checklists to tick off steps in the recipe. This lets you keep track of where you are in the cooking process. Also, ingredients lists will help you get the grocery shopping done in a jiffy. At times, it will even show you which ingredients are on sale in your nearest supermarket. Also, this app makes it very easy to search for recipes using keywords and ingredients to help find your desired dish.

Unlike most apps this isn’t an app only; you can open an account in its website through the app and can access it from multiple devices. This way you can see your grocery list from one device, save your recipes in another and vice-versa. One can find to checking a list easier through the phone and writing recipes on the computer, so this app will help you do exactly that yet having all the information available at the same place. You can even choose favourites from all the recipes you like. Let’s face it, keeping track of 50,000 recipes isn’t easy.

Another insignificant thing, but I found really cute is the ‘loading’ sign which is of a bowl full of batter being mixed with a spoon. Moreover, the app is really user-friendly and lets you customise your food intake according to your needs, a guide to help you tackle the boring task of cooking daily foods or even fancy dishes once in a while.

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