SONG REVIEW Owned hearts for the second time! by Dristy Rahman


‘Owned’ is an alternative bangla rock band whose songs are not exactly reinvented, but certainly rejuvenated. With recharged batteries from almost three years of break, this August, they released their second album ‘Owned 2’. Due to the rich, melodic mix of music and lyrics, Owned reached people’s heart within a short time. They made sure to pass on the essence of their first album to their new one as well. The pounding rhythmic blend of alt-rock gets infused beautifully with A K Ratul’s polished vocal and the album sounds vibrant and soul-stirring due to the bold lyrics.
‘Owned 2’ is an album packed with lyrical nous along with Pritom Arefin and Fasihuddin Ahmed’s intrinsic guitar skills. The songs are like a detour into new playful musical vistas with a coda that fades into a swell of A K Samee’s propulsive drumming. One of their most popular songs from the album is ‘Amorsho’, which sounds like an astounding act of musical creationism. Amorsho is a song about self-exploration. We usually tend to act differently with different people and this song asks us to stop being pretentious. It advices us to search for our inner-self and rediscover the joys of simply being ourselves.
Most of the songs don’t really have long lyrics but the brevity of it is what brings the songs to life. Owned seems to be more music-centric than lyric-centric. It has the effect of a band throwing everything at a wall and seeing what sticks to make a great musical mix. Occasionally, they embrace a darker, more introspective side, but their songs are mostly up-beat and playful. The music feels relatable.
You know how during jamming, you just throw in a few tunes and a few beats to incorporate into a musical masterpiece? Owned does that keeping their chill attitude. For them, music is about what comes to them naturally and how it makes them feel while performing them. ‘Ohom’, one of the songs from the album, is another beautiful piece. Zakir surely did a great job as a composer in this song. The word play and the usage of brilliant metaphors added dimensions to the song. Not only that, he is also the man behind Owned’s euphonic sound. Together, the band members continue to create an effective mix of expressive melody.
The album consists of 10 songs, with distinctive theme for each of the songs. As an album, however, it’s a more cohesive unit that mourns and celebrates life at the same time. With their sound evolving over the years and as a band that created its niche in the music industry, Owned is becoming the next go-to youth rock band! With some rollicking numbers and prolific songs, Owned definitely went for the kill with their second album! If you are a lover of alternative rock, ‘Owned 2’ is the album for you!

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