SONG REVIEW Kryptonite By Istiaque Ahmed Nahian

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Imagine you are bound to your study table preparing for your upcoming admission test exam. Suddenly a thought hits you, ‘why am I doing this? Is there any legit reason for this? Will I be left with anyone to share my triumph with?’ These absurd thoughts regarding the future are not something uncommon at the study table. 3 Doors Down’s ‘Kryptonite’ deals with the same kind of philosophy.

The popularity of the song isn’t something to be questioned. The song first charted on the Mainstream Rock Tracks chart reaching number-one for 9 weeks; then it hit the Modern Rock Tracks also staying at number-one for 11 weeks, being one of the longest-running songs on the chart. It also reached number one on the Pop Songs chart for 5 non-consecutive weeks, peaked at number 4 on the Adult Top 40 chart and number 3 on the Billboard Hot 100, being the band’s highest-charting single there.

This post grunge song was released in 2000. Brad Arnold wrote this song when he was 15 years old in a math class. About the meaning and philosophy of the song he said, ‘That song seems like it’s really just like asking a question. Its question is kind of a strange one. It’s not just asking, ‘If I fall down, will you be there for me?’ Because it’s easy to be there for someone when they’re down. But it’s not always easy to be there for somebody when they’re doing well. And that’s the question it’s asking. It’s like, ‘If I go crazy, will you still call me Superman?’ It’s asking, ‘If I’m down, will you still be there for me?’ But at the same time, ‘If I’m alive and well, will you be there holding my hand?’ That’s kind of asking, ‘If I’m doing good, will you be there for me? Will you not be jealous of me?’ That’s the basic question that song’s asking, and maybe throughout the years of singing that song, I might have come up with more meanings for it than it actually might have originally had.’

It is clear that the song portrayed the mental state of a teenager aiming to reach higher altitudes in life. The music video of the song was directed by Dean Karr who also worked with Iron Maiden, Korn, Evanescence, Seether etc. The video shows an old superhero fighting against all odds even in unfavourable conditions.

3 Doors Down is an American rock band from Escatawpa, Mississippi, that formed in 1996. The band originally consisted of Brad Arnold (lead vocals/drums), Todd Harrell (bass), and Matt Roberts (lead guitar, backing vocals). They were soon joined by rhythm guitarist Chris Henderson. ‘Kryptonite’ was their breakthrough song and it was justifiable because of the energy and vigor it inspires. So, if you are a superman, currently at your peak, do not tremble in the presence of a kryptonite because the view from the summit will always inspire you to fly higher.



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