The tales of adventurous young mind !

It is considered that youth is the most adventurous time of one’s life. Keeping that in mind, New Age Youth asked students about their idea of adventure.

 What is that you define as adventure?

Adrita Roy

Adrita Roy

Birshreshtha Noor Mohammad Public College


Adventure is such a strong and beautiful word for almost everyone. Who doesn’t like adventures? But they differ from person to person. For me, adventure means freedom and that obviously has to do something with travelling. I love travelling and meeting new people and culture. I love the feelings and thrills of what can happen next in this whole travelling situation.  Travelling has always been a dream adventure of mine and I would like to expand it outside my country’s border too. Adventures help us to get strong and independent. And travelling is definitely the definition of perfect adventure. Besides, I love to read a book which gives me adventurous thrills too. After all, to me, my whole life is like a very beautiful adventure.

 Mehedi Hasan Masum

Mahadi Hasan Masum

Age 17

Khilgaon Govt Boys High School and College

Adventure is excitement. This is an extra ordinary experience which is the reflection of full excitement and bravery of a human. No one thinks about the result of such activity. The gladness from its success is more than usual, similar is true in case of pain from its failure. Whoever initiates this brave task never think about the aftermath, all of the attentiveness is dedicated to that task. Courage is necessary almost in every case of life. But it varies from people to people, so does the criteria on which one would dub as courageous, therefore adventurous. Every adventurous people want to move forward by taking lessons from failure. Only the idle people think about impossibility.


Monira Yasmin

Monira Yasmin

Age: 23


Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Scince and Technology University

According to me which is outside the “so called” is called adventure. Selectively, organic methods of farming will get prominence from me as an adventures action because I think it deals with creativity and challenges, compared to the so-called advanced methods of farming which are highly harmful to our body and environment. Agriculture in Bangladesh has changed radically in the last few decades. The way modern equipments have arrived on the market, hybrid seeds and chemical fertilizers have also arrived in the same way. In this time, we got some courageous, conscious people who are thinking about nutrition and environment, are trying to establish the new hope for bringing back our prior organic methods of cultivation. Being nutritious, tasty and environment friendly, organic methods of farming are a growing demand now a day but in our country its expansion of market and cultivation is very small. There are also lots of limitations in organic farming such as limited land, lack of infrastructure, lack of proper administration, lack of certified and most importantly the problem of marketing and bio-fertilizers. Although these are the limitations but still now whoever has the courage to take challenge for doing the betterment in organic farming, are really brave and adventurous to me.


Tauhidul Islam

Tauhidul Islam

Age 22

Student, IUBAT University

The idea of adventure varies from people to people. What is adventure to one may be a daily work for another. To me adventure is such an activity by which people cross or want to cross his/her limit. Adventure can be anything to me ─ travelling anywhere in the city at midnight, going alone anywhere unknown, passing night at a wild hill, floating in billowing ocean by, boarding on a ship, observing gigantic storms like Aila or Sidr from very close, or achieving success through huge danger or through an extra ordinary effort. The activities, however, which harm other people, are not an adventure to me.


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