GAME REVIEW Little Nightmares by Noor Ul Huda


Tarsier Studios has made a gritty mind boggling return to the indie scene with their new puzzle platform adventure/escape, Little Nightmares (previously named Hunger). Sending multiple chills to the very marrow of the bones as the protagonist is confined in a ship full of greedy whims of sick and powerful creatures trying to find a way out of the darkness she’s in. Oh, and food too. Spoiler- she even eats a gnome out of excruciating hunger.

Little Nightmares really doesn’t tell you what’s going on from the get go but it is very straight forward and challenges the gamer to think drastically before making a move. Taking control of a little girl, Six, who is only armed with a lighter you voyage with constant dread and wonder. The level of darkness increases with progression and will make you ask yourself, what more should a little girl go through! Solving puzzles to proceed to the next chapter, sudden jump scares you and makes you want to run to the hills. Puzzle elements of the game is fairly basic but some can take a long time to overcome but keeping track of the movement is very flexible. As you make your way through the ship, you will encounter some very ugly and monstrous creatures such as The Twin Chefs, The janitor, Leeches, The Janitor and Guests. Make no mistake in escaping for the enemies are not welcoming at all. If they catch you, it’s there and then. It’s like Tarsier wants you to experience a child’s nightmare and understand its struggles fighting unimaginable proportions of demonic void lurking around her. Basically they want to make you feel uncomfortable and if you’re not, then something very bad are awaiting you any minute.

As opposed to other indie games, Little Nightmares possess a very dark and tormenting environment that is creepy and wonderful at the same time. The Out-of-no-where surprises remind me of Limbo and both games created the perfect ambience for their respective protagonists. Little nightmares has truly pushed the level of horror in an indie game to a whole new level, delivering elements of surprise and awe that would make gamers question the depths of horror inflicted in such an innocent protagonist.



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