SONG REVIEW Wake up and smell the coffee! By Samin Sakib

Song 2

The song, ‘Wake Up and Smell the Coffee’ probably serves as a perfect accolade to the international coffee day; nevertheless it is not just about coffee rather the number mostly interprets the brighter aspects of life. This song is the title track of the fifth studio album of one of the most famous Irish rock bands, The Cranberries.

Though it’s saddening but true that by their third album, the Cranberries had lost much of their magic and by 1999’s Bury the Hatchet, they had already been buried by America’s teeny boppers. But, with a new decade, a new label and a refurbished sound, the Cranberries attempted to rekindle their wisp with Wake Up & Smell the Coffee in 2001, as a return to the phenomenally successful Irish band’s roots. However, even if it’s wrapped in new clothing, the album was essentially a return to basics, and definitely it was a welcoming one, since it sounded melodic, stately, and sombre. Much of the album is reminiscent of the band’s debut — simple melodies and lyrics abound.

The band sounds strong and confident on this song being derivative of its own best work. Well, I see it in the context of whole album, Motherhood seems to be one of the most dominate themes on the album. Dolores O’Riordan, the vocal and the lyricist sings about all her insecurities and fears years back, when all she saw were death and suffering. And as a well-wisher, her inner voice speaks to her about the importance of waking up from that hell because there are people especially her daughter who just can’t survive without her affection and commitment. It’s a song that tells important message about self-release that comes only with dedicating one’s life to other human being. Because, Dolores believes it’s the only way to reach self-oblivion.

The title of the song, ‘Wake Up and Smell the Coffee’ itself encourages people of all walks maybe to venture on that beautiful awareness which is awakening. The song also speaks that life is to be enjoyed while we have got only one chance and it’s never too late. The moment true joy sparkles into our lives and opens our eyes to a beauteous side of life that’s when we feel like we have finally woken up and smelled the coffee. This is what the song is all about.

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