Urban youth’s love for coffee

The taste of coffee is gaining popularity among the youth. On the occasion of world coffee day, New Age Youth has spoken with young coffee lovers about their indifference or obsession with coffee.


What are your thoughts about the growing cafe culture in Bangladesh?

Do you have any experience of treating yourself to a nice cup of coffee at a cafe?



Jahid Bin Hasan

University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh

On my way to the university, very often my eyes get glued, if unconsciously, to the big yellow letters, forming Gloria Jeans, and some other cafés. Sometimes my eyes keep staring at the young lovers inside the glass windows and sipping their coffee until my heart aches for the reason I do not know. But it never occurred to me to go inside with my friends or alone not because I cannot afford but because of some reasons still I do not know. Or maybe I know. As far as I remember, once I went to Bread and Beyond on someone’s request. Interestingly enough, when asked what I wanted to have, I told her to take anything she likes for both of us, again not because I wanted to be very nice to her but because I did not know the names of the foods being displayed. She ordered coffee and what they call brownie. When I had finished mine, both my sweet and coffee, she took only the second bite from the cake. I looked around and observed that all others are taking their food in a much slower pace. I was feeling like De Caprio in the film Tatanic when he was having his dinner in the first class.



Rubaiyat Tasmia

University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh

I have an ambivalent answer to this question. I love the fact that taste, quality and ideas are getting better and creative day by day. It is indeed allowing people to spend some sophisticated time with group of people and sometimes just a ‘me time’. The ‘cofferoma’ of the environment brings on the energy in the moment! In addition, the commitments of the owners to provide quality over quantity are truly commendable. Who wouldn’t love it? However, there is more than one question which always wanders inside my mind. Is it a fancy trap? Are we forgetting to be present at the moment and live it to the fullest? Are we limiting our moments only in the ‘selfies’ and ‘check-ins’? Are these the new chocolate houses of the St. James’s Park mentioned by William Congreve in his ‘The Way of the World’?



Saima Zarnaz

Bangladesh international school and college

Being an adult …a day without caffeine is not a good start. In Bangladesh, the cafe culture is escalating, which is a positive part of the day for the caffeine lovers. Whenever it comes to treating me with a good coffee, the name ‘Gloria Gean’s Coffees, the renowned coffee shop, can’t be forgotten. To me, a good cup of coffee means ‘Gloria Geane’s coffee’ as I have a catholic taste in terms of caffeine which matches with their varieties in coffee items. Whenever I crave for a good cup of coffee, I don’t miss their cappuccino. Among other items, sometimes I also go for hot chocolates, lattes. Their prices are quite reasonable and their service is way too good .The interior environment of this coffee shop never fails to amaze me. Last but not the least, the growing coffee culture in our country is quite positive for the coffee lovers because there’s always peace in a cup of strong coffee.

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