GAME REVIEW Dishonored By Noor Ul Huda


If you have played Dishonored before then you will be familiar with the names Corvo Atano, Emily Kaldwin, Daud, The Outsider and Billi Lurk.
For the new DLC, Dishonored: death of the outsider, make no rush judgement whether you’ll play as Corvo or Emily as per the second instalment to the series. Death of the outsider takes place months after the events of Dishonored 2 where you play as Billi Lurk who’s on a hunch in finding her mentor, that’s right; MENTOR Daud. Together they go deep inside the hostile territory of Karnaca to recover artefacts in order to take down the deadly threat within the empire, The Outsider.

The first thing I have noticed about the game is how smooth and precise the movement mechanism felt. Maybe Arkane Studios buffed their void engine! Non-the-less I felt like I was more in control of my character in this iteration of the game. NPC’s were much more engaging and nosy. I had to put them to sleep, brutal honesty; they were always on a leg to ruin my move.

Some of you may not like this change but Billie has her own set of spells. Every NPC is special. They have their own dexterous abilities. Billie can change location just like Corvo and Emily but it seems like she has not mastered it all too well. Just kidding ‘reassurance’, she’s very careful. Instead of teleporting to the desired location, her ‘displace’ puts a mark of assurance on the targeted location which asks to press the designated button again to confirm the teleportation. You can find a bone-charm in one of the apartments in Upper Cyria during your quest to the bank which would allow you to use the teleportation spell instantly, like a blink.

‘Semblence’ lets Billie steal a face off of an NPC and move about tricking the guards, kind of like Arya Stark. Huh, A game of thrones easter egg!

‘Foresight’ lets Billie slow down time as well as mark enemies and valuables. Quite in the matrix fashion!

The best part about this game is that you don’t need to refill your mana. Once it drains, it reaches to the full on its own. Holy mother of magic!

Do you want to see Agent 47 badly? Too bad it’s Dishnored. Since this game has very limited amount of coins for you to pickpocket, you now have contracts. These contracts are side quests you can choose to do for some extra g’s and are handsomely awarded. Contracts can be found in the nearest ammo shop. Do take it. The upgrades are worth it if you’re playing on a higher difficulty setting. Once you reach the ending levels of the game, these contracts will never ever come back.

Overall, Death of the Outsider is a well polished game which feels like a stand alone in its own righteous way and it should. There is an option under ‘campaign’ called ‘original game +’ which allows you to start a new game but this time, using powers from Dishonored 2.  I wasn’t very optimistic when I started but as I progressed, things became clear and I couldn’t be

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