This week, New Age Youth spoke with members of young generation — meme makers and meme-fied — about their thoughts and experience with Facebook meme.

What do you think about Facebook meme/troll? How often do you encounter them? How important are they in our daily life?



Shahabuddin sarker

Hajee Mohammad Danesh Science and Technology University, Dinajpur.

Facebook troll, nowadays, a powerful weapon to protest against ongoing offense, misdeeds in our society. It also sarcastically expresses our inherent feelings, our mentality, attitude towards social customs, relations. So many times meme make us laugh but sometimes make us think seriously about different issues of the present society.

Fatema Mahmuda

University of Dhaka

Facebook memes or trolls are an ever-present part of the young generation’s online experience. Though started out with nerds and web geeks, memes are now breaking into the mainstream for marketing or socio-political reasons. Almost every time we are logging into our social media accounts, more and more creative memes keep popping up on our screen. The most obvious feature of meme is that its essence of ‘sarcastic humor’ is highly visual and thus, easily connects with the web-savvy masses. Using meme as part of a product’s endorsement can definitely help in increasing the reach of branding efforts. For instance, we cannot simply overlook the newest witty critics on iPhone X’s security system, which is highly likely to affect its appeal in the tech-market of Bangladesh. Amazingly now, adding a huge thumb-up to the trend, a growing number of western deep-pocketed political donors are investing in the ‘virtual virility’ of meme makers, as they are striving to replicate the same role of social media in ‘paving president Trump’s road to victory’.


Abdus Sami

Abdus Sami

Bangladesh University of Professionals

Facebook meme/troll is a very popular aspect these days. Many people have taken this into the level of sarcasm but I would like to see this as a mode of resistance. For example we can take ‘Murad Takla’. Facebook writing in our country has gone through two phases, one before the page and one after the inception of this page. Now people are way more careful while writing Bangla in English font, a simple mistake might make them an object of amusement. These trolls have achieved a great thing though, writing in Bengali in Bangla font has been a common phenomena now. There were days when many people used to write Bengali in English font, but with these pages, the practice in minimalised. These pages have created a revolution and their contribution behind the movement is undeniable. However, some pages cross the limit while trolling. People should be more careful while using these modern tools of resistance of satire.


Adrita Roy

Birshreshtha Noor Mohammad Public College

Facebook meme/troll has become more like a trend. It is for entertainment. Obviously most of us know that it’s just for fun. But some people take it to a whole different level. They forget that it’s a matter of sarcasm and fun, and they make disrespectful posts in the names of trolls/meme. As a result, they don’t even get that they are humiliating someone. For example, a few days back, a student of Notre Dem College Mymensingh wrote the subject of his paper Maths and which was, somehow mischievously turned into ‘Hair Maths’ by some person to make a troll deliberately and it went viral. But then the truth came out that the brilliant student was not at fault at all and because of this thing, in this case, the college and the boy was humiliated. We really should remember, we can express sarcasm or have fun by trolls/meme but not show disrespect through them. Trolls/memes have become very famous for our entertainment but it should never be a source of disrespect towards others in the name of entertainment.


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