GAME REVIEW Ludo Star By Rummana Ferdous Fagun

ludo starA game which has been part of our childhood, which was almost extinct to the new generation, has now been reincarnated in the form of a mobile app. Though Ludo Star has boomed like a pandemic among the young generation, it has brought back the tradition of playing Ludo with family and friends in our leisurely hours. Gameberry Labs Pvt. Ltd. is the developer of this game and deserves much credit for this simple idea. The best thing about it is the chat option. You can chat with your opponent using the little chat option at the bottom.

From my very childhood I had a fascination for playing games with unknown people, in unknown countries, I used to play online Checkers, Chess and all kinds of things in a time when phones and online gaming wasn’t a norm. Still, at first, Ludo Star did not fascinate me that much; the main reason was the thought that Ludo will lose the charm it had when we were children. Playing with cousins and having a brawl over who lost or won had a charm of its own. Though it did lose its charm a little it also brought back the fun of playing the game.

It’s basically an app you have to download on your phone (android or IOS) and start playing. By incorporating your facebook account with this app you can see who is online in the app and can invite them to play with you. Much like Clash of Clans, 8 Ball Pool and other such multiplayer mobile games this one also had its glory days and is already starting to die down a little. For those who are fans of Ludo surely had a blast playing this game. The simple colours and UI of the game made it almost addictive. Well also because it’s LUDO!

Once you install the game and login with your facebook account you can start playing with people from your friend list or just play with random people from around the world. Both give very different experiences. Once you start a game there is a timer for each roll of the dice and each move. If you don’t act in that time the game does it for you at random.

The rules are exactly like the ones played on an actual board. There are four courts of four colours. Each player is assigned to a court and gets four game pieces. You get to take your piece out only when you get a six on the dice. Your goal is to take all your pieces to your court after a full turn of the board. Along the way if any of your opponent’s piece lands on your piece that one has to get back to its original starting point. You can bet as much gold as you like and the winner takes the pot. Overall this small game is filled with thrills and tactics to leave your opponent behind.

Bringing back childhood memories and providing a way to spend your time more joyfully if not productively Ludo Star got the job well done.


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