SONG REVIEW ‘Do you still think love is a laserquest?’ By Noor Ul Huda


In the previous issues, in this column of New Age Youth, you may have read about Artic Monkey’s. Reading you may have led you to question my mediocrity. Believe me; this song has more to it than just cymbal bashing and hi-hat closing in. Artic Monkeys has been in the heart of the indie rock culture for over a decade. They formed in 2002 in High Green…ok, hold it. I am not going to get into all the history and accomplishments this band has achieved. You might as well google it.

From their forth studio album ‘Suck it and See’, Alex Turner bethinks about a girl who was ‘the one’ and whom he has lost forever. He recalls her memories, the conversations they once shared; it’s just too hard for Alex to pretend that his ‘the one’ was just a lover. Has she moved on or, is she ‘herself’, in the moment with Alex arises this question for him. But it doesn’t help him there. For her, love might be a child’s game as the title of the song says- laserquest. Lost in the darkness with no light to guide him, her promises seem vague but he wonders if she would be surprised to know that he was the moon to her night sky. His drunken slumbers got him into fights yet he wants another bottle to ease away the pain and help him forget about her. However, it’s not easy for Alex to get over it as he keeps repeating from the bottom of his disheartened heart- he pretends that she was just another girl.

Alex turner is a genius with words. His metaphors are top-drawer stuff and an observational brilliance. ‘Pipe and slippers and rocking chair’— objectifying him as inanimate and harsh brings out his profound form which characterize him as a man with remorse for his decision. Alas, he doesn’t know if she will ever be his bête noire.



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