Blue whale, a game or a trap?

Recently, an online game — blue whale — has shaken the world of facebook users. Last week, a teenage girl in Bangladesh even committed suicide allegedly provoked by the game. New Age Youth has asked students about their opinion of this game.What do you think of this game? Do you think youth in Bangladesh are at risk of falling victim to this game?


Tasnim Zaman

BRAC University

It has already been evident that the youth are at the risk of falling prey to this game. The real question should be, why? It is sad to see that young people are smart enough to find this game which is not easily available but not smart enough to not play it and get manipulated. Curiosity kills the cat and in this case, youngsters. Victim or not, what we should be concerned about is how have minds of these young talented kids gotten so vulnerable that, to them, the value of life has absolutely diminished. If worked on this first, the after effects of the game will be near to zero and so will be victimisation.



Nasreen Quaderi Nisha

Penfield School

The game blue whale has been the cause of teenage suicides, the game itself triggers the victim into thinking it’s better off committing suicide, making them think that they’re biological waste products and that the world would be better off without them, a sort of cleansing. A game should not be the judge of the worth of someone’s existence, it’s profoundly wrong to even think like that. And people whose mindset works like that should get professional help. Teenagers are gullible to these thing, proper counseling and guidance can improve these detrimental situations.



Shaoly Sarker Dola

University of Asia Pacific

All over the internet, the Blue Whale Challenge is described as a game, but it is far from a game. It is a trap for our kids. The participants of this game ‘win’ by ultimately ending their lives. First of all, we all should know about the game, because I think ignorance about anything is a sin. We should know about both, good and bad sides of a thing, and then we have to work with our sense. The Blue Whale Challenge has already claimed hundreds of teenagers’ lives (through suicide) and has recently made its way to the lives of depressed Indian and Bangladeshi kids too. It’s my advice to all parents to be connected deeply with their children and teach them about our culture, values, tradition and our glorious history in order to inform them about our history as well as inspire them to enjoy their lives rather than finishing it. Last but not the least, make your children feel that they are loved and their lives are important.



Adrita Roy

Birshreshtha Noor Mohammad Public College, Dhaka.


Blue whale game is such a game that can’t be found in play store or any other app store, the masked and unknown managers of this game choose their victims through special ways and allure them to install the game through phone calls or links, making them determined to play this game. Throughout its 50 levels they go from minor to extreme dares and keep stealing personal data from the players and then kind of hypnotise them to play the game and on level 50, command them to commit suicide to be free from this game. The game ends with the victim’s life being taken by player leaving a single note saying, no one’s at fault for her/his suicide. A smiley face and sometimes a mark of blue whale engraved on their body. A Russian psychology student made this game to clean ‘dirt’ as in young people from this earth. He has been arrested in 2013 but the game is still in power and it’s slowly killing our youth. Now it has entered into our Bangladesh, and allegedly killed a young girl, by making her to do suicide. Blue whale game allures the young players by the help of curiosity, they become curious and without knowing fall into the death trap. We should raise awareness. Youth is our power and we don’t want to lose them to a game.



Ishrak Ahmed Resham

Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology


Blue whale is not a game, actually. It’s just a trap which is designed in such a way that any teenager would get carried away by its mystery, interesting tasks and the whole matter itself. It is sad that a lot of youngsters around the world have lost their lives through this game. I personally think that people who have fallen victim to this game may not have been getting proper support and help from their family and friends. Or otherwise why’d a happy person willingly play a suicidal game? So it is evident that we should be aware of who might be suffering around us or who might need help. In Bangladesh, the society is different from that of the European countries. But since the game has gotten viral, we need to be careful. If we support and help people around us, we can control this thing. Because, it’s just a game, but we’re the ones who play it


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