Theoretical education or applied education? Where will whit battle take us?

In current university education system, applied or technical education is prioritized over other curriculum (theoretical)? Do you think this tendency limits student’s learning opportunity?

These two very core sections of education seem to be in collision in our current education system. Universities are patronising applied subjects due to its sheer demand in the job market. But again, is the primary focus of education is securing a good job? Or, is it psychic and philosophical attainment? Or, should it be a mixture of both?

Tell us about your thoughts on this issue.


Rabiul Islam

University of Liberal Arts

Public universities in Bangladesh seem quite theory oriented while the private ones seem to prioritise marketable knowledge. Sound knowledge of theories could have nourished learners but unfortunately theories are only fed in classrooms. Both theoretical and transferable knowledge is necessary for university students. However, these days the tendency seems to be changing dramatically. Due to the national and international demands, universities are inclining more towards applied education rather than theoretical knowledge. University funding, policies along other factors are playing different roles behind the change in the trend. In this light, public universities, who traditionally put emphasis on theoretical subjects, are also changing their preference. They are also offering more and more technical and applied subjects than before, offering strong challenge to their theoretical counterparts. This tendency will surely affect the research field of the nation, in a long run.


Jahid Bin Hasan

University of Liberal Arts

Educational institutions have always been used to serve the purpose of socio-economic structure of a country. Prioritising technical education over theoretical one portrays the whole picture of our society in which humans are only seen as tools of production. The only thing this human-machine needs to learn here is how to materialise the slogan of progress and prosperity. To learn more than that is dangerous for this social purpose because people might see what lies under the facade of this progress and prosperity- suppression and oppression from the ruling class. To cultivate creative thinking and imagination, which is the real aim of education, is threat to the authorities. The educational institutions which were supposed to construct liberate humans by promoting creative learning are working as the strongest weapon in the hands of oppressors. Therefore, the departments of literature, philosophy and other theoretical subjects must be narrowed and replaced by those of business and engineering. The lack of theoretical education will surely hamper the overall psyche of the nation in future years. More and more technical or applied education will also mean the people coming from these backgrounds will be devoid of free thinking thus mentally weak and unable to engage in critical thing and conversation.


Jafrul Mahin

Mastermind School


Applied physics is essential for enhancing human lives. But theoretical physics is our lantern in our dark unknown universe. It let us visualize our undiscovered universe or other countless multiverses. Theories are what help us find our very core of existence. ‘The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena; it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence’ Nikola Tesla said once. In his light, I would like to say that by practicing theoretical physics as well as applied one will give us the overall picture of our universe as well as existence. Same things will apply on any field of knowledge; both theoretical and applied are needed to fulfill the whole picture. Without practicing both simultaneously, any nation will fall behind in the pursuit of knowledge.  So let’s not close doors for imagination because yesterday’s fantasies are today’s realities.


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