APP REVIEW TrueCaller: avoid unwanted calls By Raaisa Tariq


Don’t want to pick up unknown and unwanted calls? Then ‘TrueCaller’ is what you need. TrueCaller is an app that shows the user, who is calling or texting, even if the caller is not in user’s address book. This app runs almost in every Android device as well as IOS based smart devices. Truecaller was developed by True Software Scandinavia AB, a privately held company in Stockholm, Sweden founded by Alan Mamedi and Nami Zarringhalam in 2009. It is like a global telephone dictionary. This app helps to prevent unwanted calls by showing callers name which makes it pretty useful for all smart phone users to know the identity of the caller. This app also allows you to block unwanted calls, preventing you from being disturbed or falling in unwanted situations. You will no longer see things like ‘Anonymous’ or ‘Private Number’ on an incoming call. It also allows you to search for name and numbers. You can also build a black list to add to the already existing spam list. When the unwanted caller calls, they will hear a busy tone on their end, while on your side, you will hear nothing. Like most other call blocking apps, Truecaller can be configured to automatically block unknown numbers. There are those weird numbers that appear as ‘blocked’ or ‘unknown’ in your caller ID. This app takes less than 10 MB space in your phone. After installation it goes through a quick registration process requesting you to sign up through either google account or facebook account and finally sends you a confirmation code. Its usage is very simple and plain, unless you want to dig deep into the settings or mess around with it. When you install Truecaller application on your phone, it simply uploads each and every contact and information linked to it from your phone’s contact list to its servers. When someone searches for the mobile number or a specific name, Truecaller uses numbers and their information uploaded from your phone to show results for that search. Even though this app works pretty accurately but in some cases it showed a number of flaws, such as, many people using the app have searched their own names and numbers and got surprised. Many found their numbers with strange nicknames besides theirs’ and pictures of themselves they never knew existed. Apart from these small errors, it works pretty decently. It’s getting very popular in these days due because of its easy usage and tremendous performance. Over all, this app is very efficient and intuitive.


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